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Ad Men of the Month - April⚡️
Happy Friday Ad Men! Hope you guys are having a great day. Now that we have wrapped the month of April, we want to announce a huge shoutout to the 3 most participating people in this group! People who have posted, commented, liked & shared throughout the month! and they are 🥁 in the first place we have: @Gabriel Lamas in the second place we have: @Elena Valdes in third place we have: @Mridul Golyan Thank you for making this happen and enjoy your weekend! 🥂
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@Jennipher Moncada Lets gooo!
Help me help you
In the past few weeks, I’ve had an incredible time connecting with some of you inside this community, learning from your insights and I want to be able to give back and be able to be of value. How can I help? I’ve been in sales and remote closing for the past year and worked with offers making well over 1.2M/month in cash collected. If you need help with sales process, scripting, systems or anything. I’m all here for it. Also been a copywriter for a while, so if you need help with Ad script review or any help with brand messaging. I’m here for a helping hand ✋ If you’re just looking to build a cash machine, sorry I can’t help. If you want to have your message in front of more people and being able to influence their lives, I’d love to help. Oh btw, I have nothing even to sell you lol. Already doing well with selling for my offers so you guys can be rest assured 🤣 Shoot over a DM if this resonates. Cheers everyone. Week’s just begun, let’s make the best of it
Your show rates suck because nobody trusts you... let me explain
Everyone for the most part in this industry today is struggling with TWO main things: #1 - Show up rates AND... #2 - Conversion rates Why? Because everyone today pretty much knows what a "FrEe TrAiNinG" really means... They know that you're going to try and sell them something when they book a call... The market is WAY more skeptical today than it was just 2-3 years ago... And your show rate sucks NOT because of your follow-up sequences, NOT because of your emails, OR your VSL... Your show rate sucks because of your Ad strategy! Let me explain... People aren't showing up because they don't know you... They don't know you because they just clicked on an ad where you promised the world, and they booked a call, but they know it's a sales call... So they GHOST you because they don't have any relationship built... They're not bought into you, or how you can help them too... So why the hell would they show? You can send them ALL the follow-up sequences in the world, but they're just going to get annoyed. So what I am saying is... HOW somebody comes into a NEW client relationship determines EVERYTHING! So you can get a lot of clicks... You can get a lot of leads... You can get a lot of calls booked... But if they don't actually SHOW, it's worthless... So you might be thinking you're getting $100 Cost Per Call, or $200 Cost Per Call, and you're "crushing it"... But when only 40% of them show, now all of a sudden you're looking at around $600 or $1,000 per call that actually shows! So the reality is we need to build relationships, especially in the world of AI... It's only going to get LESS and LESS personal over time, and the ONLY thing that is going to be left to build relationships in advertising, is VIDEO... And that's where YouTube Ads comes in! Now I've been doing this for over 6 years now for all the BIGGEST brands and influencers in the course, coaching and mastermind industry... And I've learned ONE thing... And that is... IF you don't build a relationship with people, it won't matter what type of bells and whistles you have on the backend...
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@Brian Moncada Pure gold in this post 🥇
Help with closing a client.
So I was a freelancer and turned into an agency recently, i laid off all my clients because they were'nt paying , i have experience but no reference from client and i have a meeting with a prospect,they liked everything i told but he is asking for reference , Thats an deal breaker for him. What should i do now? edit- I closed the client but on a free trial. he is solar business owner so i have to get him leads in 30 days.
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@Damon S Have you tried a risk reversal guareentee?
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@Damon S If you don't see X results in 30/90 days, we'll continue to work for you for free/refund everything plus an additional fees. The goal is to make the offer stupid to say no to
🔥Client asked: give me a couple of extra appts 🔥 Appts while Sleep 💥
Here are your couple extra appts 🤑. The big problem: now they need to hire a team. Thanks @Brian Moncada
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@Elena Valdes Now that's a problem worthwhile having lol. Great job!
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