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My 1st digital offering
Thanks to this incredible training, my amazing COO @Sam Bragg and Skool I just finished my 1st ever digital offering, The secret to becoming a bestselling author. Step by step, it is all coming together. I was born to help others transform their lives and I LOVE this journey! I am so grateful and excited. It feels like a dream to get to do this work! I’m finally doing exactly what I want to with my life, and I’m so happy! 🥰💖💖💖💖🙌🏼✨✨✨✨✨ 💛☀️
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Divine timing 👌🏻 and well done!! Continue strong!
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@Kat Heart Thanks! 🙂
14 Reasons Why Owning a House is a TERRIBLE Idea
I've been on the brink of buying a house more than a dozen times. Which is why I just wrote a list of 14 reasons why owning a home is a terrible idea. You can read it here. I will likely always rent instead :) Most of us were sold on this house-owning fantasy of “The American Dream” at an early age... This document shows you just how LITTLE SENSE it makes in 2024 for most of us. TLDR: There are MUCH better places to put your money. Enjoy the read. T
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@Neil Hansen I like your comment. There is a sense of enthusiasm and suspense.
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@Neil Hansen thank you, it's authentic!
Hi everyone! 👋🏻😃
What's your nickname? I don't actually have a nickname.. Where you from? Croatia Biggest strength? High determination Biggest weakness? Self confidence.. Which content platform is your favourite? Instagram, yt What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Learning what are the first steps in launching my own online business
New comment Mar 8
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@Sanja Pavic Welcome! Paid group is all the info unlocked but more importantly it's entry into the zoom classes. Check out Sales mastery in classroom (last at the bottom) - big help! All the best on your Contentpreneur journey!
I'm breaking EVEN! $215 MRR
It may not seem like much, but now I'm finally covering the cost of 2 paid groups, and my Contentpreneurs monthly fee. It took me almost three months to get to this point. Now I can start refining my funnels, my branding and message. Some of the low ticket guys are expressing interest in the HT. So, here's to 2024 being the year my income starts going UP again. It already is. My tips: Your community is there for YOU, the teacher. That's why it's called Skool. Without you, there are just a bunch of students shooting spitballs. Don't be afraid to mention your offer over, and over. And if your students are loving it, tell them to share it with the class. When a student asks me a private question in a DM, I ask them to instead post it in the group. Livestreams are the key. Give killer livestreams in your free group, then tell them "If you want more, join the paid group." Or, upgrade, etc.
New comment Mar 6
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Well done man! Keep it up! All the best!
Understanding Robbins' 6 Human Needs in Professional Relationships and Sales
Hi Contentpreneurs! I hope this insightful exploration of Tony Robbins' 6 Human Needs framework helps you elevate your approach to professional relationships and sales. In the world of professional relationships and sales, understanding human behavior is key to success. One powerful framework for understanding human needs comes from Tony Robbins and his concept of the "6 Human Needs." These needs, according to Robbins, drive all human behavior and can profoundly impact our interactions with others, including in the realm of sales and business. Certainty: At its core, everyone seeks certainty and security in their lives. In professional relationships and sales, this translates to the need for clear expectations, reliable products or services, and consistent communication. By offering certainty in your interactions, you build trust and credibility with clients and colleagues alike. Variety: While certainty is essential, so is variety and novelty. People crave excitement, stimulation, and new experiences. In sales, this means providing innovative solutions, fresh perspectives, and personalized experiences for clients. By incorporating variety into your approach, you capture attention, spark interest, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Significance: Every individual wants to feel valued, important, and unique. In professional relationships and sales, acknowledging and validating the significance of others is crucial. Take the time to listen, understand, and recognize the needs and desires of your clients. By making them feel significant, you foster loyalty, engagement, and long-term partnerships. Connection: Humans are social beings, wired for connection and belonging. In sales, building genuine connections with clients goes beyond transactional interactions—it's about fostering meaningful relationships built on trust, empathy, and mutual understanding. Cultivate rapport, empathy, and emotional intelligence to forge lasting connections that transcend mere business transactions.
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Thanks for sharing, it is insightful information! - I found that as soon as I fully embraced my authenticity that all aspects of life/business started to flow. All the best! Cheers.
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