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Best Times to Run Webinars (Poll) ☑️
We've been running our popular Lead Generation Masterclasses on Tuesdays for 15 months now. 🎉 Industry research suggests that the optimal time for webinars and online classes targeted at B2B audiences in the UK is between 11am and 3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. To better accommodate your schedules and preferences, I'd like your input on the ideal time slot for these masterclasses moving forward next month. (Time are in UK London GMT) Please vote for your preferred time slot. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us deliver these sessions at a convenient time for maximum participation and engagement. Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our community.
8 members have voted
New comment Apr 2
1 like • Mar 27
I think if you want to hit the US market as well. It would need to be at 2pm UK time
2 likes • Apr 2
@Alex Smith for sure. Maybe you can email everyone to ask for their vote.
Welcome New Members!
A big hello to our newest members who joined us recently: @Beata Leszczynska - High Flow Leadership Coach - Great to have you with us from Germany @Joanne Clayton - Looking forward to hearing how your call goes with @Bush Matheka tomorrow! @Jamie MacAlister Entrepreneur & champion for healthy food products and African communities! - His ethical cashews are the best. @Kim Kortlepel - Founder of KVK73 | Mediator | Negotiator @Kate Dominique Ladesma @Charles Reynolds - Filmmaker, Video Editor, and Entrepreneur - I've got so much to learn from you bro! We're thrilled to have you all on board! This community is full of passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, just like yourselves. We encourage you to: 👉🏻 Introduce yourselves in the chat! Share a little bit about what you do and what you hope to gain from the community. 👉🏻 Explore the different channels and topics. There's something for everyone here! 👉🏻 Ask questions and share your expertise! We all learn from each other. We're confident you'll find this community a valuable resource for learning, connecting, and growing. Welcome again!
New comment Mar 27
2 likes • Mar 26
welcome everyone
🌟 A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Leadeth Skool Members! 🌟
As our Leadeth Skool community continues to grow and flourish, it brings us immense joy to extend a heartfelt welcome to our newest members. Your presence enriches us all, and we proudly stand strong at 208 members! Meet Our Newest Members: @Chris Fox - A visionary in business strategy, Chris founded A thinker and doer. @Rachel Bee - Specialising in Communication and Leadership, Rachel is a Workplace Relationship Coach with a knack for nurturing professional relationships, and we're thrilled to have her expertise among us. @Joanna Howes - An award-winning leadership coach and the founder of The Change Creators, Joanna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching and consultancy. @Adam Kopacsy - With a delightful sense of humour and a passion for marketing, Adam from Sydney, Australia, aims to make a mark in the marketing world. He joined us on March 5th, and we're excited for the energy he brings. @Mark Young - An AI-powered digital Marketer and coach, who is on a mission to revolutionise digital marketing. With bases in Vilnius and London, Mark is ready to share his innovative insights. @Henry Stewart - Embracing the title of Chief Happiness Officer, Henry is here to spread joy and positivity. @Daniel Charles - A tech enthusiast and devoted father of two, Daniel is the mind behind He brings a fresh perspective on technology and family life. @Julia Pizzichemi - Founder of Team Clinic Services, Julia is dedicated to enhancing health performance coaching for executives and entrepreneurs. Your diverse backgrounds, skills, and passions make our community a richer place for learning, sharing, and growing together. We're excited to see how your contributions will shape our journey ahead. Feel free to dive into discussions, share your insights, and connect with fellow members.
New comment Mar 22
2 likes • Mar 11
Maximising LinkedIn for Lead Generation: Share Your Insights!
Hello, wonderful community members! At Leadeth, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our services and provide you with the insights and strategies you need to succeed. We’re curious about how you’re leveraging LinkedIn in your lead generation efforts. Please take a moment to share your thoughts through this quick poll. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to develop solutions that meet your needs and challenges. Poll Question: How are you currently leveraging LinkedIn for your lead generation efforts?
15 members have voted
New comment 21d ago
2 likes • Feb 25
i struggle with using linkedin for wellbeing for B2C. But I could use it more for B2B
1 like • Feb 26
@Alex Smith that's a great suggestion. And certainly is on the cards following an invite on the weekend to speak at a huge event
LinkedIn Temporary Bans / Fuse Limits
It’s seems we are in the middle of a LinkedIn algorithm update as it’s very rare to get 3 clients reporting temporary restrictions on their profiles in the last week. Some of these clients are still subscribing to Premium/Sales Navigator so this is not always guarantee that LinkedIn will let you send more. Please ensure if you are using software tools with your LinkedIn account that you conduct all your connection requests via the software. Manually connecting directly on the LinkedIn platform will push the daily limits over so the software will continue to push. Turning off the outbound activity at the weekends is a great way to naturally put a regular pause in to prevent hitting the limitations. Watch the video to learn how to check your messages.
New comment Feb 26
2 likes • Feb 23
I imagine that if you go into LinkedIn the same time that Leadeth is doing its thing. That LinkedIn will not like this
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