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I recently started a dropshipping business, and it's been more successful than I could have imagined. I've sold over $250,000 worth of products so far, with just few products! However, I'd like to emphasize that I haven't started any marketing campaigns yet, and my success is due to the hard work and research I put into finding the right products. I'm not suggesting that success is easy or guaranteed - just that with the right approach, it's possible to achieve great results. I'm happy to share my experience and tips with anyone interested
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Hi, @Alex Smith, I'm not sure what happened to the link that you created to share your posts on a Monday - But here is the link to my post.
New Q2 Lead Generation Masterclass series (Sneak Preview)
Hi All, hope you are enjoying your Easter holidays! I've been busy putting together the next 13 weeks of masterclass sessions that I plan to run next week onwards. A completely new series of sessions to better align with our new flagship product geared at B2B coaches and consultants this quarter: Week 1 - Unleashing Your B2B Potential: The Blueprint to Success Kickstart your journey with strategic insights into transforming your B2B coaching or consulting business. Week 2 - Decision Maker Dynamics: How to Open Closed Doors Learn the art of reaching and engaging decision-makers effectively to skyrocket your conversion rates. Week 3 - From Contacts to Contracts: The Lead Conversion Formula Master the techniques to convert qualified leads into loyal clients with our proven conversion strategies. Week 4 - Time Mastery for Consultants: Unlocking Productivity Discover how to manage your time effectively, enabling more opportunities for growth and less time on administrative tasks. Week 5 - Marketing Mastery: Campaigns That Connect Dive into creating engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive engagement. Week 6 - The Science of Sales: Selling Without Selling Out Explore ethical sales techniques that build trust and relationships, turning prospects into partners. Week 7 - The Client Retention Code: Keeping Your Golden Geese Learn the secrets to retaining your top clients and ensuring a steady stream of income through satisfaction and loyalty. Week 8 - Leadership in Consulting: Inspiring Change Enhance your leadership skills to inspire change within client organisations and your own business. Week 9 - Building Teams That Thrive: The Collaboration Formula Discover strategies for building high-performance teams within your consultancy or your client’s businesses. Week 10 - Navigating the Digital Landscape: Online Tools & Trends Stay ahead of the curve with the latest digital tools and trends that can enhance your consulting efficiency and effectiveness.
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Best Times to Run Webinars (Poll) ☑️
We've been running our popular Lead Generation Masterclasses on Tuesdays for 15 months now. 🎉 Industry research suggests that the optimal time for webinars and online classes targeted at B2B audiences in the UK is between 11am and 3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. To better accommodate your schedules and preferences, I'd like your input on the ideal time slot for these masterclasses moving forward next month. (Time are in UK London GMT) Please vote for your preferred time slot. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us deliver these sessions at a convenient time for maximum participation and engagement. Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our community.
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Welcome New Members!
A big hello to our newest members who joined us recently: @Beata Leszczynska - High Flow Leadership Coach - Great to have you with us from Germany @Joanne Clayton - Looking forward to hearing how your call goes with @Bush Matheka tomorrow! @Jamie MacAlister Entrepreneur & champion for healthy food products and African communities! - His ethical cashews are the best. @Kim Kortlepel - Founder of KVK73 | Mediator | Negotiator @Kate Dominique Ladesma @Charles Reynolds - Filmmaker, Video Editor, and Entrepreneur - I've got so much to learn from you bro! We're thrilled to have you all on board! This community is full of passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, just like yourselves. We encourage you to: 👉🏻 Introduce yourselves in the chat! Share a little bit about what you do and what you hope to gain from the community. 👉🏻 Explore the different channels and topics. There's something for everyone here! 👉🏻 Ask questions and share your expertise! We all learn from each other. We're confident you'll find this community a valuable resource for learning, connecting, and growing. Welcome again!
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