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What's the difference....
On today's email I have 7 tasks - I saw them in the task list, but 112 overdue tasks. How is this calculated - should I be worried?
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Masterclass 2 Campaign Outreach - booking url?
@Alex Smith I'm trying to create an Leadeth campaign but the outreach platform is rejecting the url from Sessions for booking - Do you have a LinkedIn one please? Also, is the above url the right link for me to use on my website for people to sign up with? Thank you very much.
Regrade my membership
How do I regrade my membership - to the lowest level ? For next month?
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Article on Linkedin
I have put an article on Linkedin with subscription for newsletter wanted to know how i can extract that information into my Leadeth or sender database.
Accessing my own messages
Hi Alex, I am working with Colin on his campaigns as you know - however this weekend I was going to export all the work I did on my own campaigns which sadly I was not able to continue with after my 2 restrictions - and I do not seem to be able to access them. Obviously I'm happy for you to delete my account after but wondered if you could let me know how I can get back into my account as now when I login I am sent directly to Colin's? Many thanks, Jane
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