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YouTube Thumbnail Designer Needed!
We are looking for a thumbnail designer who can help us take our YouTube thumbnails to the next level. Looking for someone who would get to know us and our channel, watch the videos, collaborate on ideas and produce some good work. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please click on the Google form linked below and submit your information. Or pass it along to someone you know might be interested. After we have received the submissions, we will select 3 people to complete a paid test project. Please let me know if you have any questions. CLICK HERE TO APPLY
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Were I trying to solve this problem, my first place I would go is Upwork to hire someone with a track record and proven results. Take a close look at Mr Beast interviews. He has some insight into thumbs.
100% Automated FACELESS Video Generation From News Article
I've been experimenting with a faceless content generator that can use various inputs to generate a video (fully automated). With Images, narration, scenes, parts, captions etc. This is the very first version and test output but it's pretty cool. I spent most of the time building the structure of the system to be flexible and modular. So that you could have it produce other types of content -- simply by updating the interface vs having to reprogram a lot of automation for different use cases. Here was the article I used RIGHT HERE. And the video is attached to watch. How it works 👇 - Automation digested the article. - Created sources text. - Created the voice over narrative. - Created different scenes from the narrative and broke it into parts. - Then created images for each part. - Assembled it all back into a movie. - It created the voice narration. - Then added captions. No human was used to make any part of this video. Except the human who built it (me). ** note: one cool part of the system is that you can set it up so that each step could be moderated and adjusted before anything was generated. So if you wanted to, people could come in and augment any part of the video. Let me know what you think. Anything at all. Think its cool? Horrifying? Want something that can do something similar? Have other ideas? Let me know in the comments.
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That's so cool!
Would You Join A Content Automation & AI Focused Community?
The topics and people in this community range a lot and I like that. This has become a really cool place, thanks! 🙏 But it also makes things less specific across the board. If I were to create a dedicated content automation and AI focused community, would you join? To scale your personal brand, content agency, or your own content automation agency? The goal would be have a tight community, on topic, on task, and to have only the dedicated people inside it. Would you be down? Let me know. If the demand is high enough I'll create it. And if you have personal thoughts on what would make it awesome for you, let me know in the comments.
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I would be down. There is a lot of content out there now to [get this outcome] using [this recipe] but nobody as far as I can tell has built a library of (continually updated) best practices for achieving [outcome]. A library or recipes would be awesome. When I think about starting/building content, I quickly face indecision because there are so many bloody tools and methods out now. If multiple people can contribute to a "recipe of the week" that would be awesome. TLDR: A community that crowdsources and crowd-tests AI tools/methods to achieve a specific outcome. Eg: Each week the community works on a single (or maybe max 3) recipes: How to make YT thumbnails with AI, How to make shorts using AI, How to turn a long YT into a blog post, etc. All behind a paywall so that recipes are "michelen star" in the end. Maybe $20/mo or something. Would be smart to 2x the fee every 100 members so you get early adopters.
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@Stephen G. Pope Perhaps. I think your YT work is important but at some point a "best way to achieve X" needs to be more accessible (at least imho). I don't watch your YT much cause its overwhelm and too much info but I still regard you as the "head chef" if that makes sense.
"I kinda niched into..." Why commitment to your tribe is vital.
I got a message from someone the other day about how they "kinda" niched into something. It felt so vague, lack luster, undecided. They then mentioned two different niches (not one) but that's not really the point. It got me thinking about why people don't really find a real niche. The idea of selecting a niche has a lot more to do with whom you are committed to. Or which problems you're committed to solve. For most, picking a niche is not just a thing you wake up and decide to try out, or maybe it is, but maybe that's why people bounce around so much. Because customers will only commit to you, if you were long committed to them long before they hire you. So picking a niche isn't a flimsy exercise. It's a commitment to a cause, a set of people, with a problem. The commitment is what bears all the real fruit. You get massive results for people after years of deep commitment to something that gave you deep expertise in a subject. Commitment is also what creates good marketing, content and taglines. Good marketing, content and products come from experience, experience comes from commitment. You can't really fake it. If you find yourself constantly picking a new niche, or new tagline, it likely shows a lack of real commitment to serve a group of people.
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"The commitment is what bears all the real fruit." Thats a great quote.
EASY Way to Get Client Testimonials
Check this out, it lets you setup a few questions, lets your client record a response, then sends it back to you. Super easy and more likely to get good testimonials.
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I LOVE this app. I saw it months ago and couldn't find it again. Thanks for sharing!
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