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Seeking Pain Coach Specializing in Fibromyalgia
Hi guys, I'm reaching out to inquire if anyone in this group specializes in coaching individuals with fibromyalgia or knows someone who does. A friend of mine has been struggling with fibromyalgia for years, and despite seeking help from various healthcare professionals, she's still experiencing excruciating pain and challenges in managing her condition. I'm hoping to find a pain coach who can provide personalized support, guidance, and coping strategies tailored to her specific needs. Thank you!
New comment Mar 17
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@Andrew Lai Hi Andrew, Thank you for reaching out and sharing your expertise and passion for helping those with chronic pain. Your approach of understanding individual needs and empowering individuals to take an active role in their healing journey is truly commendable. I will definitely pass along your message to my friend, who is currently in Mexico for a few weeks seeing a shaman. I'll discuss it with her when she returns and see if she's interested in exploring your approach further. Best, Martina
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@Tanya Z Thank you for sharing! It's always valuable to hear about personal journeys and the approaches that have worked for others. I will definitely pass along your message to my friend, who is currently in Mexico for a few weeks seeing a shaman. I'll discuss it with her when she returns and see if your suggestions resonate with her and might be helpful in her own healing journey. Best, Martina
EMF shielding products
I'm aiming to optimize my health for working online. Do any of you have experience with EMF shielding products, blue-blocking glasses etc? Can you feel a difference, and are there any reputable brands available in Europe? Thank you!
New comment Dec '23
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@Amadeus Fleckinger Hello Amadeus, thank you for sharing, I´m going to try some brands and see 🙏
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@Zahida A Khan thank you, I´m going to try shungite 🙏
Join Us for Weekly Support and Progress
Is anyone interested in joining our accountability group? @Asha Hope and I are starting a weekly call for support, sharing, and holding each other accountable. We're looking for a third person to join us 💫
Are you a coach?
Do you know the difference between personal development and transformation? let's chat in the comments!
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Personal development focuses on specific improvements, while transformation involves a deeper fundamental change.
Hello everyone :) thank you for having me!
Nickname? Well, call me by my name here, but in some corners of the internet, I go by "LadyLovin"😉 Where am I from? Picture Prague, Czech Republic – that's my hometown. We've got castles, spires, and a little bit of that enchanting fairytale vibe. Biggest strength? I’m like a compassion ninja, equipped with super hearing for listening, an open mind for all things, and a good batch of humor to spice things up. Biggest weakness? Ah, the classic perfectionist conundrum - making sure everything is just right, but sometimes it delays action. It's a battle between "perfect" and "done." Favorite content platform? YouTube, hands down! It's where you can find everything from cat videos to deepest spiritual teachings. Immediate help needed in this community? Accountability! Wrangling that perfectionist in me sometimes needs a bit of a nudge to get moving and taking action🫶
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@Waqar Ahmed thank you 😊
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Passionate vegan queen of 12+ years, personal development enthusiast, powerd by love and fruit.

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