Hello everyone :) thank you for having me!

Nickname? Well, call me by my name here, but in some corners of the internet, I go by "LadyLovin"😉

Where am I from? Picture Prague, Czech Republic – that's my hometown. We've got castles, spires, and a little bit of that enchanting fairytale vibe.

Biggest strength? I’m like a compassion ninja, equipped with super hearing for listening, an open mind for all things, and a good batch of humor to spice things up.

Biggest weakness? Ah, the classic perfectionist conundrum - making sure everything is just right, but sometimes it delays action. It's a battle between "perfect" and "done."

Favorite content platform? YouTube, hands down! It's where you can find everything from cat videos to deepest spiritual teachings.

Immediate help needed in this community? Accountability! Wrangling that perfectionist in me sometimes needs a bit of a nudge to get moving and taking action🫶


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