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Lets Build Your Network Together: LinkedIn Challenge
Hi everyone! I see a ton of questions about marketing and leveraging LinkedIn as a tool by posting content. Well, I have a solution that can help you and the community at the same time. It’s called the LinkedIn Challenge. How it works: - Put out great content on LinkedIn together with a group of over 10 consecutive business days.  - Engage with the posts of the others in the group - You can "like" and comment on their posts (and they will do the same) - Of course you have to put great content that adds real value to people - and minimize those promotional posts.  Why it works: - The LinkedIn Challenge works because by working as a group using a common hashtag, your posts go up in visibility in the LinkedIn algorithm. - By engaging with each other's posts, your posts as well as the other participants' go up in visibility as well. It’s About The Results - I’ve completed this challenge twice while part of a real estate investment mastermind. I started with 1167 connections. After the first challenge my connections increased to 1267. 100 new connections, when on average I may grow 50 over the course of a year.  - These connections can result in potential clients, booked projects, and ultimately lead to the financial freedom we're aiming to achieve. What To Post: - Educational posts that show "Thought Leadership" - Motivational post and how you benefited from applying them to your given expertise.  - Do everything in your power not to solicit. And if you have a call to action keep it to a 2 out of 10 ratio. What You Can Do: Remember the goal is to build momentum through consistency. Post more USEFUL CONTENT that will add value to your connections. And don’t just post, Engage with your audience or connections. People like to feel appreciated and valued - not pitched to. Challenge Starts Monday February 26!
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Great idea! Let’s connect! What’s the hashtag?
Ok, I have a (internal) client, now what?! 😬
Hi guys, Some of you might remember me asking how to switch careers and start in facilitation. Now I’ve finished fundamentals course and did a minisprint with my salesteam which turned out to be an amazing experience. Something wonderful is starting to happen where I have been asked to run two facilitation gigs at our company. There are two situations and I need your advise 🤩 So I work at a training company where we conduct different courses in marketing, communication and innovation. Situation 1: There will be an evening during which we will organize a brainstorm to change the name of a category of trainings. But we also want another brainstorm to come up with new training ideas in this category. We will have limited time of max 3 hours and the audiences consists of very experienced trainers and some do facilitate such sessions themselves. The group is big - 12 - 14 people. There will be some introduction speeches by few managers, so have vert limited time left. Challenge 1: It seems like quite a lot of wishes for such relatively short session Challenge 2: I feel a bit intimidated by all that experience in the room. Challenge 3: which workshops/setups could I select to let creativity flow? Situation 2: Our team of 4 colleagues want to come up with ideas for the new system which will accommodate communication with our students. So relatively clear goal and a small group of people. I feel quite confident facilitating this session. But I am looking for some creative setups. We have three days to get the job done. Which seems like enough time. I am vert happy that putting it out there, sending my intention to start facilitating has been answered, but now my inner critic is killing me 😅 Especially regarding the first impossible workshop. I feel really not ready for it, but I kind of have to get it together and just go for it. Anyone else recognise this situation or feelings? How to fix your mindset? Thank you all so much. I hope others might learn as well from my experience 🥰🍀💫🙏🏻
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@Temi K yeah my suggestion would be to just start with the name change, so I thought to brainstorm about likes and dislikes of the current category name. Take the likes to the next brainstorm and see what happens next with creation of new ideas. Dot vote to make a choice of best three. But is the group of 15 people not too big for such a brainstorm? Should I split them in smaller groups? ☺️
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Waw, this is exactly what I mean, what a wonderful community! Just love the way everybody is willing to help out and share their expertise. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. This is very helpful. I need to help all of them engage and build on each others ideas. I believe it can be an advantage that the CEO is there, this means we can make decisions right away if needed. So I want him to feel valued in the group instead of intimidating (perhaps for some) 😅 I will update you guys here in a few weeks, will tell you how it went and what exercises were used.
📍Where is everyone from?📍
Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!
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@Bas van der Paardt duthchy power! 😎🙌
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@Nesrin Gunes welcome! Great to know there are more people fron Dutchland 😃
Designing a workshop for sales strategy
Hi everyone! I am totally new to workshopping, just finished the Facilitation Fundamentals program (which I loved!) and looking to trying it out on my salesteam. We are spending a few day away from the office and we must deliver a solid sales strategy for 2024. It’s a team of 4 + me and we have our manager visiting for the input phase. What would be your advise in designing workshop(s) for this challenge? Thank you so much! 🍀💫🤗 P.s. I also have pipdecks workshop tactics, but don’t know how to start 🥴
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Update: so our three days away in a cabin in the woods strategy session turned out to be an amazing success! I can’t believe that I lead our sales team in creating a solid sales strategy plan for the coming year. When we were driving there I was really nervous if i’d pull it off, in the end these were three amazing days where I could help turn something fuzzy into a clear plan with four subjects of focus. We started with an icebreaker where I asked everyone to write out some things they learnt from the first job and share the biggest lesson with everyone. That gave us an opportunity to get to know each other and practice a bit with the post-its. We went on with the sailboat exercise. After that I helped team to brainstorm on the ideas that would help us with our goal (revenue growth) in 2024. We dot-voted on the best 4 ideas and the following days we worked on those ideas. So now we are ready to deliver a report and a presentation next week with our plans. I learned a lot! 1: being strict and structured is the best thing you can do for your team - they loved the fact that they only needed to let their creativity flow. 2: distraction from work is killing creativity (we had to check in on our daily tasks inbetween) 3: my drawing skills were very much appreciated I did a little visual facilitation along the way, so we could remember important things in a fun way 4: Trust the process - I couldn’t believe that we’d end up with all these results on day one - but everything worked like magic! And all that just with the fundamentals course in my toolbox 🤩 5: Planning and sharing schedule for the dat is a very handy tool! Time Timer is a very helpful assitant! So that’s it! I did it! It was amazing and I don’t want to do anything else. Making people happy by leading them to tangible results is the best feeling in the world! Thank you guys so much for all the tips and tricks and thanks to @Rebecca Courtney and rest of the team for creating this lovely course. I am in love with workshop facilitation 🥰😎🙌
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@Mimi Garcia thank you! I’ve made a skill map where teamies could sign up for certain serious and less serious tasks, like taking taking pictures during the day or light a fire in the house (it was really cold and no heating system) another one chose to make a presentation slides and we shared the subjects to work on on day three. So while everybody was busy writing their bit I had plenty of time to draw all the skills :) Which turned out like a lovely summary of all the talents 🤩
How to get started without facilitation experince?
Hi everyone, perhaps a silly question, but there might be others with the same problem 😅 I just finished the Fundamentals course and facilitated a few workshops at my company (which I am planning to leave soon) but looking for a new job in facilitation is not that easy because they are usually looking for some experience in a candidate. I’ve been working in sales combined with learning & development for quite some time now, but switching to IT environments and scrum/agile need for facilitators requires quite a bit more than fundamentals course. What would be your advice to take next steps in order to switch my career successfully? Thank you so much for any tips and tricks :) Books, courses, jobs description - anything 🤩 Btw, I am from the Netherlands, if there’s anyone else from Dutchland and willing to get in touch I’d be happy to chat. Hope it’s not against the rules ☺️🍀💫🙌
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@Nathy Ravez Freelancing feels too risky at the moment to be honest. I think I meed more experience before starting looking for clients. Funfact though, a few days ago I mentioned to my manager that I might want to leave our company and look for a different career and today we had a call where he mentioned that he would want me to facilitate agile way of working with our teams! So I just might have to spend a few more months here and get my skills upped a bit. Also, this week I am away (remote cabin in the woods kind of setting) with my team this week and we just had few days with amazing creative sessions building on our strategy for the next year. So far the results are great. Funny how universe reacts to your intentions 😅
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@Claus Höfele great insigth Claus. I think you are totally right. I feel that I need to gain more experience in facilitating workshops. Looks like I might be able to combine some things at my current company! 🤩
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