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28d ago 
Synchronicities are wild
This quote came up in my IG feed out of nowhere. Is this the algorithm tracking me across apps, the universe sending me a message, or subjective selective attention? Not sure, but it definitely reinforces my conviction that synthesizing is calling me. I bet it's calling you too "We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely." E. O. Wilson
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@Sherwin Yawn Most definitely. It always intrigues me to find the source material.
Synthesizer Branding Looking Fresh!
I'm lovin' it - the sleek new expansive brain icon, the fresh cover picture, the updated description: "Create content. Make money. Educate earth. Join the Synthesizer Movement." The old version was fine, but the fresh coat of paint really livens the place up. It really goes to show how this is a constantly evolving game. I really appreciate the consistency of the message - give value and know that it will come back to you. Synthesizing is here to stay.
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@Griffin A. Hamilton It's clear you put a lot of effort into this. Thank you for that. Before they come out with that personalized TL;DR function, why don't you try synthesizing on yourself?
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"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." -Antoine de Saint Exupéry
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@Nicolas Feldfeber There's also the multi-faceted connotations of the meme. Take "to the moon" for example. Do you think of Musk, Dogecoin, Crypto, or all of the above?
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I've been playing around with the phrase "Choose Consciously" in my business. I would love to know what you associate with that phrase
I can guarantee you don’t do this enough
You’re not going to change your behaviours by beating yourself up when you can’t stay consistent. You change best by feeling GOOD. This is scientifically proven. It’s a common myth that it takes around 60 days to form a habit- BULLSHIT! A habit can be formed instantly, first time- or it can take your whole life, it’s all about how you FEEL and the emotion when/after doing it! Take this as an example: The first time you used an Uber instead of a taxi I bet that you were shocked and delighted at how quickly it arrived compared to a taxi- you just press a button and it’s outside your house in minutes! That emotion instantly wired in a new habit. Every time you want to get somewhere now- you don’t even THINK about a taxi, you just pull out your phone and order and Uber, it’s become automatic. You can hack your brain to wire in other new habits this fast by using the art of CELEBRATION. This is something you do to feel good either during or immediately after the habit. Saying ‘I’ll have a beer later to celebrate’ or ‘I’ll now watch my favourite show’ won’t work. It needs to be a matter of seconds after. The celebration could be a physical action, spoken word to yourself, thinking about how proud you are, thinking about the effects of your new habit, ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL SOME REAL PRIDE AND HAPPINESS. There’s no right or wrong answer- play around with it. This is the #1 way to stay consistent and hack your brain to wire in habits quickly. TRY IT!
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Tapping into the emotional body is HUGE! The magic happens in the Synthesis of the Heart and the Mind ❤️🧬🧠
here are the main things I've learnt about purpose and fulfillment...
all of us have something within us that is a piece in the puzzle of life. a role, gift, talent, insight, perspective, or addition to life that makes it more meaningful for ourselves, for those around us, or for the world at large. and it's not just one thing either but an accumulation of things over time and in various ways (so don't feel the pressure when it comes to finding your purpose) it's more of you discovering your gifts over time, either innate or learned, and using those to solve the problems around you. your gifts are your strengths wrapped in your unique perspective. using these to give value to others builds up your own identity and place in the world. exploring these is the starting point towards living a fulfilled life. once you begin to uncover them, you need to formulate a vision for your life. dreams are nice and all but a vision requires that your formulate a plan. otherwise your dreams are just up there next to Uncle Jerry's dream of creating a new gadget that can snooze his alarm before it rings. have an actionable plan. so that you can apply yourself towards it by putting in intentional work every single day. your vision will guide your actions, decisions and priorities. it creates a clear set of principles and philosophy for your life. work on your level of self awareness by setting aside times for self reflection. then immerse yourself in specific knowledge tied to your goals so that you create a shift in your mindset. your mindset is your greatest ally. get it right from the onset and then explore the world with its limitless opportunities... I'm rooting for you🥂 what are some of the things you've learnt?
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Accept the blessings that are already here 🙏
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