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Welcome! Here we talk about the latest tips, tricks, and hacks to power your SEO with the latest AI technologies.


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🚀 Breaking News: OpenAI Unveils GPT-4 Turbo - 🚀💡 Ready to Push the Boundaries with GPT-4 Turbo! 📊🔥
A bombshell with OpenAI's latest innovation - GPT-4 Turbo! This isn't just another AI update; it's a game-changer for SEO. 🤯💥 📈 Turbocharge Your SEO: GPT-4 Turbo is now 1/3rd the price, making it cheaper, faster, and capable of handling prompts as extensive as an entire book. Imagine the SEO possibilities! 📚✨ 💻 Unleash the Assistants API: Developers, get ready for the Assistants API for Code Interpreter and Retrieval. Automation, optimization, and efficiency are just around the corner. AI is now your SEO sidekick! 💪🤖 🌐 Updated Knowledge Cutoff: GPT-4 Turbo's knowledge extends until April 2023. No more relying on outdated information. Stay ahead of the SEO game with real-time insights. 📅📊 👁 Vision and Voice APIs: New GPT-4 Turbo Vision and Dall-E 3 APIs and a text-to-speech API with realistic voices are in the arsenal. Elevate your SEO content with visuals and audio. It's all about user engagement! 📸🔊 💬 Whisper V3 Model: The Whisper V3 model is on the horizon, and with it comes a new era of SEO strategies. Conversational AI for SEO content? You better believe it! 🗣🤩 💸 Slashed Rate Limits: Reduced rate limits translate to more cost-effective development. Maximize your SEO efforts without breaking the bank. 💰💼 🚀 GPT Builder for Customization: The new GPT Builder, available for Plus and Enterprise users, is set to revolutionize SEO. Customize and share your AI assistants with natural language. SEO ideas come to life! 💡🔗 🌟 Marketplace for GPTs: The GPT Builder will evolve into a marketplace to buy and sell GPTs. SEO enthusiasts, this is your opportunity to explore the endless possibilities. Get creative! 💰🌐 🧠 Unmatched Context Window: The GPT-4 Turbo boasts an incredible context window, surpassing its peers. SEO, meet your new genius assistant! 🧐🔍 OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo is rewriting the rules of SEO and content optimization. As we embrace this AI revolution, the future looks bright for SEO enthusiasts and marketers. 🌐🚀
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@Robert Boulos Many thanks - I feel the same way, it's like several arc reactors possible all at the same time. If these AIs get to a point of building real Iron Man suits, I'm hooked for life lol
Upcoming changes to Google with GSE and Early Notes
Just a heads up on upcoming changes to Google - shared this with my team: Google Link: - 💡 Key Takeaway 1: The new Google Search Generated Experience (SGE) provides AI-generated answers instead of traditional search results, allowing users to choose between AI answers and website links. - 💡 Key Takeaway 2: The AI answers take about 8 to 12 seconds to appear, and scrolling down will stop the AI generation and show traditional search results. - 💡 Key Takeaway 3: Google is experimenting with two different mechanics for AI answers: one where AI results load automatically, and another where users need to click a "Generate AI Answer" button. - 💡 Key Takeaway 4: AI answers may be cut short with a "Show More" button, and the sizing of AI answers depends on the browser and screen size. - 💡 Key Takeaway 5: Not all queries generate AI answers, and some queries show no AI answer, only traditional search results. - 💡 Key Takeaway 6: Featured snippets and "People Also Ask" sections still exist alongside AI answers, sometimes leading to redundancy and conflicting advice. - 💡 Key Takeaway 7: AI answers may steal content from websites without attribution or links (weird to list external resources for further reading without linking off), which raises concerns about liability and content duplication. - 💡 Key Takeaway 8: AI answers favor specialized websites, providing an opportunity for small publishers to rank higher and gain traffic for commercial queries (topical authority determines niche specialization and is key once again from an SEO standpoint). - 💡 Key Takeaway 9: Google's search results pages (SERPs) have been redesigned, featuring favicons, more spacing between results, infinite scrolling, and black link titles instead of blue. This emphasizes branding and may impact click-through rates (CTRs). Additional Notes - Clicks and traffic will likely drop, only question by how much (I think featured snippets was around 6% when first introduced - SGE will likely result in more) - Apparently Google Shopping Ads for relevant products were inside these chat bubbles but not for everything (like software etc.) - Youtube could be a darkhorse for organic traffic - AI is developing the most slowly in regards to video though I imagine at some point, it will catch up here too.  - AI will give us (and our competitors) more ability to produce now that it is available and Google has essentially said it’s okay. However it’s not time to celebrate yet - likely to take shape of inflation. Value will go down, need more quantity, competitors are using it too and they may not play by the same rules.  - Another potential darkhorse - how we sculpt and shape the AI will likely dictate who succeeds long term. Tools are getting more sophisticated allowing for voice cloning, “background information” to feed and educate the AI right down to the H2 section, brand voice training, etc. - My test site results suggest Google does not punish AI content - even if its 100% AI  - How does an older population treat this AI generated answer? Still scroll down anyways out of habit? How about certain niches? - Can be some scary changes amid possible traffic drops but this is early on and we don’t know what the final experience will look like yet. - SEO may change but is not “dead” - if a person cares enough about a topic, the AI summary will likely not satisfy that search intent and they will do a deeper dive especially on anything that directly impacts their life like health, finance, etc.  - Quantity could potentially offset a traffic loss + build topical authority - Will page 2 become a graveyard…..or a haven long term for people tired of the AI chat bubble summaries after a certain point? Will they get tired of it and scroll down, almost like ad blindness? - I have heard rumblings that local and ecommerce may not be as affected - Key takeaways above may change based on user feedback during beta testing
SEO + AI = Future
Hi all, I'm an SEO Strategist facing Google on a daily basis for my clients and happy to be here! I recently wanted to see how Google would treat AI content, setup a test site, utilized a custom coded AI software and grew a test site to 500+ traffic in a little over 30 days. Happy to share that case study if people are interested but otherwise happy to collaborate here on SAAS, a topic near and dear to my heart as the founder of Conversion Blitz :)
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@Robert Boulos Many thanks for the kind words. I'll share the case study soon and I'm even going to be interviewed by the AI tool's creator soon on his YT channel, going into a little bit more depth on how to properly merge SEO and AI so hopefully that will provide some value too! And much appreciated, yes Conversion Blitz aims to offer a suite of tools for lead gen and who couldn't use more leads lol Genuinely happy to be here and I'm looking forward to contributing what I can!
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@Robert Boulos case study shared! Link:
AI + SEO Success Case Study
Hi everyone - just sharing the success story of my AI test site I referenced in my introduction post. This is from the tool's FB group post - Hope this helps someone if they are wondering whether or not you can rank a site with AI! If you combine it with proper SEO, the sky's the limit!
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