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Actionable Amazon ROI: Unlocking Success, Unleashing Potential. Amazon FBA training & full management from Robert Prime and his team.


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Hi everyone, Let me know what you think! :) Thanks



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In the weekly call for the Kontent Accelerator today, I promised to share an old video to demonstrate how anyone could get better. so here we go! Looking back I was pretty stiff! @Loran Simon @Loran Simon @Lawrence Mansell



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    thanks for sharing, it is inspiring, just what I needed

Hey Guys! We've found that accountability partners help a ton when you want to get on video and create content—but maybe you're stuck or procrastinating. If you are interested in being paired up, please comment below with "interested" and we'll help get people paired up. You can make a commitment and I will check in with you. Let me know if you have any questions. Let's do this! **Check out the spreadsheet tracker HERE**



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Hey Team! Trying to get started again with creating content. I’d have to say it’s been a struggle to get started again but this community has inspired me and kept me accountable Here’s my first video I’ve recorded in a while Let me know what you think. @Loran Simon @Stephen G. Pope Cheers



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    love it, very clear, no ums and ahs, love it when you smile

Hey Guys, Great call today. We discussed. 1. Creating offers/products 2. Starting our Skool site 3. Accountability partners Pure gold! Proud of you all!



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Dear comrades I'm getting ready to post my first video online. EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!! My primary posting platform is LI I'm making videos on UNSURE I'll post my first video on NEXT WEEK I'll post the video here once it's live! EEEEEKKKKK!!! When I do I'd love your feedback. BE KIND!



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    2nd video, I'm on a roll! @Stephen G. Pope

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    @Stephen G. Pope I got super brave and even posted the first one to LinkedIn!

Great first call of the upgraded Kontent Accelerator ⚡️ v2.0 program! We talked about: - The program roadmap - Automated content systems - Building a profitable community And a lot more. If you're interested in being a member to get access to the course material and group calls there is a 7-Day Free trial that you can check out here →



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Loran Simon
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    @Stephen G. Pope do you have a content plan google sheet we can use? I want to plan some content for me and the team.

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