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Forming Stage - Best Exercises
Hi All. I’m working with a new team (2 groups coming together + new leader). There are already issues around trust, ego (my way is better), work styles, etc. and the leader is at her wits end. What are some exercises/activities you’ve done to help the team get along and work better together? They already have done a work styles assessment (Insights). They are open to developing a team charter but I’m not sure if that’s the best first step. TIA! Jennie
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I would package this information in the way most likely to hit home: Every individual has their ownOS (how they think, what they like, how they work etc). Which is great! We are all experts with our perspectives on this team. Now, we need to figure out what the best TeamOS is for us. This can't be known before we figure it out, but we can base it on science and that means we know we need to have: 1. Trust. 2. Collaboration. So let's start having a daily meeting (builds trust, increases the chance for collaboration) and then we will plan exploration workshops to help us define our TeamOS (that should play well in the OrganisationalOS).
How To Run An Effective OKR Workshop (Full Step-By-Step Guide)
Hey Workshoppers, We just released a full video guide on how to run an OKR workshop, including the Miro template! Thanks to @Johan Holst for the amazing work on this one! I love how It turned out. Cheers, Jonathan and the AJ&Smart Team
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Great pragmatic layout! I would try to cluster the suggestions and if short on time, use Miro's AI clustering as a starting point. That would achieve three things, 1. The voting will be much easier, 2. we will see if something obvious is missing (I.e guide us in inviting even better cross-functionally next time) 3. "kill your darling" separation from the idea-creator to be more open-minded in voting. Love the direct-to-follow-up step as a last thing!
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@Johan Holst My lips are sealed 🤐. You know what they say, better to get it out there than stay stuck in perfection hell. And that video will help a lot of people ⭐
Your best exercises to improve team communication
Dear fellows, I'm sitting at a new concept around team communication and would be happy if you would like to share your best exercise and ideas around the topic - Improve team communication Thanks in advance 😍
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This is kind of hard without more context. Why are they not acting mature? Is it culture, personality, or something else? Something I like to start with is a workshop that shows "how it should be" when it comes to culture. Basically, if we know what a functioning culture looks like, we have something to aim for. I have a few models but this one is a great starter for showing how organizations need a "layer of trust" to enable true co-creation across the organization, where communication is a foundation for that to happen.
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...and to not leave you hanging, once this is more widely understood, you can go very practical and workshop a list of do's and don'ts like: Promote: 1. Open and Honest Communication: Encourage team members to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns openly but respectfully. This builds trust and prevents misunderstandings. 2. Active Listening: Promote the practice of listening to understand, not just to respond. This shows respect for others' ideas and contributes to more effective communication. 3. Clear Expectations: Clearly define each team member's role and responsibilities. This prevents confusion and helps everyone understand how their work contributes to the overall goal. ... Demote: 1. Blame Culture: Discourage finger-pointing when mistakes happen. Instead, focus on learning from the mistake and finding a solution. 2. Gossip and Backbiting: These behaviors create a toxic work environment and should not be tolerated. 3. Micromanagement: Trust your team members to do their jobs. Micromanaging stifles initiative and damages morale. ... The list is usually longer but you get the drift. Hope it helps or inspires!
Fail free way to kick off a workshop?
Hi all. I would love your advice.. I hate kicking off workshops, because I typically get the most nervous right at the beginning. It’s when all eyes are on me, I tend to get a little breathless, and my voice gets shaky. Once I have some interaction from the team, all that goes away. I’m looking for a fool proof way to kick off a workshop that immediately engages an audience without me having to say more than a few words. I’ve tried so many things to reduce those jitters the first few minutes, but I have not been successful. I welcome any creative suggestions or helpful tips. Thank you! Jennie
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I would probably go with that as a starting line. Like "Hey team, you know workshops only really work when we dare to open up, listen in, and be fully human. So I'll start with that, I'm terrified every time we start a workshop, but I get over it after the first interaction so I would like to try something sneaky - I would like us to jump right into the icebreaker "my biggest fear" and we draw it on one or more sticky-notes. 5 minutes then we share, sounds good?". And you can change the icebreaker to anything really. But that one will bring questions and some snickering, and people will relax and engage.
Fat cat syndrome antidote - Awake the lion ambition
Hey! Linus here. I saw @Jonathan Courtney's post about the "sense of urgency" lacking in people who never get anywhere. I see that all the time, but from two completely different perspectives. 1. The professional who eased into a state of "fat cat" (always works in a mid-large organization). 2. The young gun with 200% ambition but no clear focus (vision) so a roadmap is impossible to commit to. For both, I have a similar "first-step" meeting. I recorded a generic version for this community, hope it can help you, or the people you try to get into a growth mindset!
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