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Read this if you want to get more HT clients using Skool
Getting clients using Skool can be complicated... or it can be simple. I prefer when it's simple (and predictable)... and I prefer when there are NO COLD DM's used in the process! So here's my "Super Simple Sales Flow" that I use, my clients use, and YOU can use to make $5,000 - $100,000/month as a contentpreneur with a HT coaching offer on Skool: Step 1: Upload content to YT, FB, IG, or Linkedin and offer viewers/readers a free thing like an ebook, mini course, etc. Step 2: Send them your free Skool community link so they can access the free thing. Step 3: Set up Skool's "Auto-DM" feature so they get a welcome DM as soon as they join your Skool community. Then carry on the convo to find their main goals + problem(s) before pitching them a free 10-15 minute call if you think you can help them. Step 4: Have that free 10-15 minute call with them to ask them a few more clarifying q's + see if you like each others vibe and then offer them a longer call where you can go into more depth with them to show them a potential plan of action. Step 5: Have a free 45-60 minute call with them to show them a plan of action that you think would probably work for them. If they like how the plan of action looks and sounds, offer them a discount on your HT coaching program to help them implement on it. If they say "no thanks", just offer them your LT MRR Skool membership instead. (50% of all my LT Skool members come from our HT phone calls!) Step 6: Work with your clients to get them implementing your solutions so you can get them results ASAP to fulfill your promise while building a collection of success stories. This Super Simple Sales Flow works because it starts with you giving away something of value for free, and then finding out what someones problem is... and then showing them how to solve it... and then (only if you KNOW you can help them) offering to help them implement it for a discounted fee.
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@Murphy Karges that is annoying, gotta block when it gets out of hand
New to Skool. Who dis?
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@Farhoon Asim dude I’m stoked to see your journey unfold. Love the belief in yourself!
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@Mark Dhamma, MA @Ted Carr
I made $1850 as a 17 y/o with skool
A couple of months ago I was sitting in my living room on the dinner table with my parents. I just told them I was going to quit school, and do business instead. I just quit dropshipping, fiverr, and print on demand (yes I was doing them all at the same time) because it didn't make me a lot of money, and I HATED doing it. I was just starting out with YouTube for around a month, and I got around 5 views on an average video. When I told them, my dad just sat there in silence, thinking about what the future of his son would look like without a degree now. My mom bursted out into tears. It felt like 1000 knives stabbed into my heart at the same time If you've ever made your mom cry because of a DECISION you made, you know how painful this is. Then I discovered something called "" I made posts in skool communities about the things I learned, and people started reaching out to me asking me for help. So I started coaching around 60 people for free, just because I loved doing it. Then at 1 point I thought to myself: "Why am I not monetizing this?" That day I made my first $50 sale. A couple hours late I had another call with somebody, and I closed him for $50 as well. That day I couldn't stop smiling. $100 in one day??!! Me??!! From that day I started to coach more and more people about what I learned, and how to coach. My YouTube is driving traffic to my community, and people WANT to buy my service now This month I made $1.1k already from only two people I helped my 16 y/o friends quit school and make $2000 by using skool. I even have a 16 y/o friend who made around $8.6k last month all by using skool. My mom stopped worrying about my future as much as she used to because I'm making a lot of money for a 17 year old. I also built my own community with over 170 people in there. The reason I tell you this is because I want to inspire you, and thank skool at the same time. I'm not special, nor am I better or smarter than you I just used skool the right way, and you can too.
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This is inspiring bro. I’d love to check out your content. Keep it up 👍
JUST one or two weeks when I posted in here I had 11k MRR ! NOW IM AT $24,000 MRR💰🏆 = $280,000 / Year …ILL TAKE THAT ! I made 2 viral posts on IG and tictok with a call to action to my paid community ! Doubled my subscriptions and MRR Gave my best information for fee is the key ! Don’t be afraid to show real value in your content it works !! I led my leads to a funnel to capture they information first with a video( Have a follow up text and email 1 hour later asking did they get in yet 😂 just in case ! ..Then I lead them to my skool page ! With VSL and testimonials
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@Kenneth Smith wicked 🙌
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@Alex Coleman how’s your bro?
Alex Hormozi + Skool = $$$$$
"I just made the biggest investment of my life" coming from Hormozi means a lot! What's going to happen next? 👀 Where do you think Skool should spend the investment money from Hormozi? Skool is already damn near perfect... not sure how they're going to improve it from here!
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Hormozi will find a way! 🙌
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@Amir Khajavi was just thinking that too
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