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The community for parents of autistic children who are looking to bridge the gap between school and home so that their autistic child can thrive.


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⭐ NEW TRAINING: Profitable Models for Recurring Revenue (Watch A Lesson From Monetize)
I just published a new 20-minute video training, called Profitable Models for Recurring Revenue, watch it here now! This video is a sneak peek from directly inside our Monetize paid community and curriculum (which includes a FREE Skool software subscription when you join!) I wanted to make this video available to answer the question posted in here, "how can I learn more about which business model will work best for me?" 📼 WATCH IT HERE: Learn about different models for monetizing as a creator with your own offers - the pros and cons of subscriptions vs one-time purchase products, examples of both, and how they can work together. In this video: - The two core models for monetizing with your own products as a creator - Why creators should have at least one revenue stream that they own (other than sponsors or affiliates)  - The difference between selling one-time purchase products and recurring revenue subscriptions, and who is suited to each - Examples of each for different niches - How to combine both of these models into one powerful ecosystem - Choosing the model to start with that fits your personality and goals 📼 WATCH THE TRAINING HERE Enjoy and comment when you've watched the new training! Ask any questions below in the comments 👇
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Also... listen to the whole podcast where Mariah does the deep dives into revenue models. Your brain will be overflowing, or at least starting to fill, with ideas by the end of that series!
📼 NEW VIDEO! How I Plan My Workweek & Schedule
I've just published a 2-part series for you about how I structure and plan my work weeks and schedule as a business owner and creator. The videos show my unique approach to planning my months > weeks > days and how I manage my tasks without any “productivity apps” (just simple Google Docs). Part 1: How I Plan My Work Week & Schedule (video walkthrough) Part 2: FAQs About My Work Week & Schedule Watch the videos and ask your questions/share your insights in the comments below 👇 Enjoy!
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@Eliisa Kuusela right?! I totally feel like I was overcomplicating things (and I probably was, lol) or adding things to my schedule to have the appearance of "busy" (with busy being equated to productive)
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@Mariah Coz yay! Really looking forward to that one! BTW, what you said about the starting with the crazy busy hours in the beginning and trying to break that? Mega guilty! Honesty, I think if I hadn't hit burnout then I wouldn't have pulled back. My body literally forced me to do it. And that sucked.
What questions do you have for me about my weekly schedule❓
I have a unique weekly planning and "to-do" system I've been using every single week since March (which is a big deal because I usually can't stick to ANYTHING). It's all built in Google Docs, super simple to use. We don't use asana/trello/clickup/etc. I want to record a video walkthrough and podcast for you about it next week, and want to make sure I answer all of your questions! Ask me anything about - 3 day workweek - how I structure my days and tasks - how I balance getting things done with my ebbs/flows of energy - my ideal schedule - what I do on a regular basis - whatever else you wanna know! Excited to share more, I know this has been a recurring question for a while!
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What is your minimum viable/must-do task or tasks) that you do on your work days?
🎧 Podcast Chat: My Plan For Creating Ongoing Sales Through Content: Behind The Scenes Update
Podcast Chats are where we keep the conversation going and dive deeper into the topics on our podcast episodes! This thread is for the episode, "My Plan For Creating Ongoing Sales Through Content: Behind The Scenes Update" 🎧 You can find this episode by searching for The Mariah Coz Show on your favorite podcast app! ➡️ I'd love to know - what did you think? Any insights, questions or takeaways you'd like to share in the comments? In this episode, I’m sharing my overall brand + biz plan for this upcoming season - with a focus on regular recurring activities for sales, content marketing, and a simple weekly cadence. Now that the initial Monetize pilot launch is wrapped up and Monetize is now open for people to join every day, my focus is shifting to the ongoing marketing plan for welcoming new members to our paid community consistently. My big focus is on a very simple “system” sharing high value content 1-2x per week, linking to my paid products from there, and selling organically. In this episode: - The 3 pillars I’m focusing my marketing energy on now (podcast, newsletter + community) - Why I want to create a newly revamped, branded newsletter to round out my content strategy - The community flywheel feedback loop and how I have endless content ideas - Building out my updated Hologram database (my content repurposing system)  - Designing a sustainable “content > sales” system that fits within my 3-day workweek  - My approach to getting organized  - I constantly go back and forth about the naming of the components of my brand - Why you don’t have to do any of this perfectly to be successful (seriously, I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time!) 🎧 Find the Mariah Coz Show podcast on your favorite app to listen! Amazon Music/Audible Apple
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@Mariah Coz love that!
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@Mariah Coz buttoning up the back-ends of my digital product business so.. (in no particular order) 1) Revamping/restructuring the tripwire funnel (order bump converts fine, it's the rest of the funnel + nurture sequence that I'm wanting to adjust) 2) Setting up a paid community on Skool for this audience (to include migrating existing content once I do a content audit) 3) Re-engage my audience with pre-launch/nurture content 4) Plan out themes for my membership which will dovetail into my newsletter themes & podcast themes 5) Plan out my November sale that leads into my membership launch 6) Tweak the things in the first two-ish weeks of December 7) Button up the CTAs ..... and I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting and/or that will come to me later but that's my working list... so far.
What’s your favorite way to keep track of all your ideas?
Creators tend to have a ton of ideas all the time— especially if you’re multi-passionate! What’s your favorite way of keeping track of them so they don’t all live in your head?
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I have themed Google Docs for my braindumps. And when I'm more organized, I use Google sheets instead
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