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Getting Tons Of Clicks But No Lead Yet
Hey guys, I've went through the whole course (amazing stuff btw) but I've been running these ads for about 10 days and have gotten 200ish clicks but no leads. Here is the ad - Here is the landing page - Give me any crituques or things that need to be improved, it is greatly appreciated. One last thing, what is a minimum daily spend for YouTube Ads to get results?
New comment May 20
Getting Tons Of Clicks But No Lead Yet
0 likes • May 1
I think your ad is great, but your landing page has room for improvement. Number 1: It could use a lot more copy and direct response elements to "sell them" on the free course again and reassure them that this is going to be worth their time (yes, even if it's free you have to sell them). Number 2: If I look at the page and don't read the words, I wouldn't know that it's about Colorado. I would add/ replace the pictures with images of the most beautiful parts of Colorado (the scenery and lifestyle why they want to move there). Number 3: I would make the CTA button stand out way more. But apart from that, I basically had the same exact problem. I started my ads, got really great results on the ad side (high CTR, low CPM, low CPC, ...) so I got lots of cheap clicks, but the traffic just didn't convert at all. But after looking at my analytics and the Hotjar landing page session recordings, I noticed that it was 95% bot-traffic. So no wonder why I got no conversions...
0 likes • May 1
Is this a new account? Or is this is account that already got lots of past conversion data? And how much total adspend does this account have?
YouTube Ads Generating 0 Leads But Lots Of Clicks?
Hey guys, My YouTube ads in the last 3 days have generated 231 clicks but not a single lead. Even if my landing page was absolutely terrible, I still feel like I would have got at least 1 lead come in so I'm wondering is there a technical flaw with my funnel that I'm not seeing? I'm going to rework the head line to remove "Leaky Bucket Agency" as maybe people don't understand what I mean by that. I'm also going to make the thumbnail "clickable" to open the pop up - but again, I don't think this is enough to get 0 leads from 231 clicks... Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.
New comment May 16
0 likes • Apr 27
@Ahmed Ali Do you have a tool like Hotjar on your site in order to record the landing page sessions? That way you would be able to see if the clicks are real users landing on your page or if you are getting mainly bot traffic (like I am at the moment).
0 likes • Apr 29
@Arin Darcan How are FB ads working for you? I've heard lots of people are having issues with Fb ads right now...
YouTube Ads problems/questions?
Happy Friday Ad Men, What are you currently struggling with when it comes to creating and running profitable YouTube Ads? Reply and let me know. -Brian
New comment 22d ago
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@Brian Moncada I'm getting almost 100% bot traffic with YouTube ads right now. When I look at my Hotjar session recordings, it's extremely obvious these are not real people (weird screen dimensions, not interacting with the page at all, weird mouse movement, ...). Have you ever experienced junk/ bot traffic on YouTube as well? If yes, was there anything that fixed it for you?
0 likes • Apr 27
@Ahmed Ali I have the same problem. New account, tons of cheap clicks, but it’s all bots so no conversions.
Advertising with Ai Creatives?
Hey guys, a client asked me about if I could make Advertising for her with AI generated Clips like the one I uploaded. So I wanted to ask you if anyone already leveraged AI Art in Ads and knows if they perform. Since I don't see AI generated Ads anywhere I don't believe they actually work very well and if they do soon everybody will use it. Thanks for your input <3
New comment Mar 11
2 likes • Mar 4
Yes, generally speaking AI ads can work well on YouTube. For example the ones from YTADS have worked well in the past. Here is a example: But I doubt the video of your client will work well. It's pretty confusing.
2 likes • Mar 4
@Alexander Jotz Yes, I got some experience. They can work really well and you can create and test them extremely fast.
Funnel Hacking
Where can you find a professional script writer to re-write a video script that’s already working for your competitors?
New comment Feb 3
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Watch this 2min video here: This tool not only does exactly that, it also turns that script into an full on video ad ready to use in your campaigns.
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