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Have you impacted people through YouTube?
How do you connect with people on YouTube? Have you found your format? How do you create both educational and entertaining content? Would like to discuss..
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I have recently through this video I got so much comments and positive feedback. Just today I got a comment that really touched me. The video might seem simple but it was a huge amount of work. There is a constant mix of being authentic, relatable and providing actual value to the audience without being generic. Plan on replicating this soon. Took me more then 6 months of constant practice to get to a point where I feel that the person in front of the camera is me.
2 likes • Oct '23
I watched the start of the video "Most of them, not all of them, but most of them" I find rather awkward. If I am doubting if what you are providing works I will cling to the not all of them and assume it won't work for me.
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@Mark Deniel With these words you are appearing not confident in what you are providing. "Most of them" already is not over promising. But stating "not all of them" again is almost trying to convince me that this doesn't work. And then you added "most of them" again to counter act that. Which I suspect a part of you knew.
Oct '23 
Quantity vs Quality?
Since I have started creating there is this awful push and pull between creating a lot and creating good videos. When I try to make it good I take forever and then it might end up mediocre anyway. If I create fast low effort it performs worse and I tend to be less satisfied with the result. I have created around 30 videos so far but many of the low effort once I have set to private because now they are too cringe to me. I tend towards perfectionism and doing one thing particularly well because I feel I am learning more in the process. I wonder now if this is even true. My last video got 2.5k views and I think I did it in only 3 to 4 days. But then trying to apply what I have learnt to make it even better I get stuck in a limbo and it's frustrating me. I should not take 3 weeks to create something else. I want to be able to create 2 to 3 videos in a week.
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1 year results: 4 videos, 820 subs (I'm full time)
I'm averaging 3 months per video. 🙄 Some might think I've got the wrong approach. Fail quickly and adjust right? BUT. Here is the good news! My first video (Steve Jobs) took about 4 months to complete. My latest one (Andrew Tate part 2) took less than 2 months to complete AND it's the best content I've made. Now we will see how my latest performs in the months ahead. But I do think I'm not too far away from learning how to create a 1 million + viral video. Maybe within my next 10 videos (hopefully). But once I hit the jackpot in the algo, the beauty lies in that people will check out my work and find a lot of other high-quality videos which increases the likelihood of a sub/fan. I'm betting that this slow path will compound into a hockey growth effect down the line. I don't know this. But I believe in it. I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
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If you enjoy the process and think long term then hey there is no way you can loose. BUT, I'd challenge you to do a shorter lower effort video because I know from experience that a certain level of perfectionism can come in between my output and sometimes your learn more with fewer reps and more feedback.
Oct '23 
I have so many learnings, insights, documents that I don't even know, where to look for what. How to solve this thing? Using Obsidian, Notion will help?
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My all in one app for insights, journals, writing, video scripts and even for some images is Obsidian. I use many plug ins that make this app insanely good. Omnisearch let's me find anything I look for by just typing a few words that I know appear in any note.
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