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Prioritizing Your Kontent vs Personal To-Do List
Finally finished setting up the Kontent Engine system and am enthusiastic to start implementing it soon. Using Stephen’s database system has got my thinking on how we could better systematize our business vs personal to-do lists to be more effective and productive. This got me wondering what are all of your system’s are like for keeping your business and personal to do lists in front of you ? Me personally I’m all over the place and it feels frustrating! Do you connect your lists to your calendar ? Do you prioritize highest to lowest leverage activities on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or quarterly schedule ?
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@Diane Cooley great resource. I read it (and a lot of other stuff on his site yesterday) and immediately started to make the switch to a schedule vs to do list. Too many distractions have held me back for far too long. I read the book Deep Work a few months back and have been trying to figure out how to get myself into that state...this will definitely help.
Video Editing Options
I've seen options like that offer unlimited video editing, and ive seen other companies offer this too, has anyone had luck with this and would this be a good compliment for this system?
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Add to that the ever growing automated AI options like I understand that this is a less than optimal "easy button" that will come with an inferior product (?), but wonder about combining the ease and speed of AI to start the parsing process and then using editors to "clean it up". These are being sold as the new way to do it...cheaper, faster, easier, etc, but is it even better to combine both or is it best to just go strictly with human editors? I'm sure the answer is "it depends", but probably a worthy discussion for creators and agencies.
"I kinda niched into..." Why commitment to your tribe is vital.
I got a message from someone the other day about how they "kinda" niched into something. It felt so vague, lack luster, undecided. They then mentioned two different niches (not one) but that's not really the point. It got me thinking about why people don't really find a real niche. The idea of selecting a niche has a lot more to do with whom you are committed to. Or which problems you're committed to solve. For most, picking a niche is not just a thing you wake up and decide to try out, or maybe it is, but maybe that's why people bounce around so much. Because customers will only commit to you, if you were long committed to them long before they hire you. So picking a niche isn't a flimsy exercise. It's a commitment to a cause, a set of people, with a problem. The commitment is what bears all the real fruit. You get massive results for people after years of deep commitment to something that gave you deep expertise in a subject. Commitment is also what creates good marketing, content and taglines. Good marketing, content and products come from experience, experience comes from commitment. You can't really fake it. If you find yourself constantly picking a new niche, or new tagline, it likely shows a lack of real commitment to serve a group of people.
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Jack of all of none. That's why some (read "I") struggle so much with making THE decision on who to serve.. Deciding to serve a niche and problem set means you are deciding to not serve another (potentially larger or more profitable) niche. Imposter syndrome sneaks in when you find so many others with seemingly more expertise in that niche. Is there "the one" for me? Maybe, but the next struggle is overthinking and refusing to pull the trigger for FOMO.
How to Laser Focus and Not Be Distracted
it's tough to focus in this industry, because the nature of this game is inherent distraction., the work you do is designed to distract others so you get hit with friendly fire what I've discovered is MOST powerful is when you have a big goal of some kind, and so each day you wake with clarity about what is really important to get done my big goal today was to write a 7 email email campaign it took two focused hours, but I did it. And the single minded goal made it possible to LASER FOCUS and I wasn't distracted for about 2 hours. I find I can handle one big goal that takes maybe 2 hours, and one smaller goal, that takes an hour or so And that's my limit for deep focus each day but I find I have to have that deep focus as early in the day as possible I hope this helps
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That's in line with Deep Work By Cal Newport. I struggle with ADHD issues (not diagnosed), and working in social media is the ultimate in testing self control every day.
🎹 What do you do OUTSIDE of business? I play piano.
I'm an INTJ, I keep to myself, build stuff, and then try to sell it (I've done that my entire life). I've spent only 2-3 years inside a company as an employee. I'm 45 now. Sometimes I forget to be human, so I thought I'd share something personal. I'm a musician. When I was in college I started getting into techno and I became a DJ. Then I started making electronic music, making beats... but I got a little tired of just pressing buttons and experimenting all the time. So then I started taking piano lessons at 25 years old. Classical to start, then I got tired of having to make every note PERFECT. So I found jazz. I love that you could learn a framework and just play, with people, without having to make every note perfect. In fact the mistakes could be made to sound awesome! 10 years later I found myself inside the Jazz Conservatory in Berkley California playing with kids half my age. I loved walking into a room, not saying a word, and then jamming with people. A little nod and a smile to the bassist was all it took to communicate something profound in the moment. Speaking of the moment. I think that's what I love most about music. You're in the moment! Or you should be. What do you do outside of work? Let's get to know each other a little bit. Let us know in the comments!
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Great reminders. I've been a musician and outdoorsman and ride a Harley as well. Sometimes when you're an entrepreneur, you have to remind yourself to take time to enjoy life outside of the grind.
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