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Prioritizing Your Kontent vs Personal To-Do List
Finally finished setting up the Kontent Engine system and am enthusiastic to start implementing it soon. Using Stephen’s database system has got my thinking on how we could better systematize our business vs personal to-do lists to be more effective and productive. This got me wondering what are all of your system’s are like for keeping your business and personal to do lists in front of you ? Me personally I’m all over the place and it feels frustrating! Do you connect your lists to your calendar ? Do you prioritize highest to lowest leverage activities on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or quarterly schedule ?
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Thank you everyone. Wasn’t quite expecting to hear the use of paper and tech. That was refreshing to hear amongst all the automation we are working on. @Diane Cooley thanks for sharing that article. I can see how a schedule vs to do list can have a positive psychological impact leading to more productive results!
Thumbnail Feedback? πŸ™
I wish I asked for more feedback but I'm afraid what people will say (yes me too). But this Sunday is an important YouTube video so I wanted to ask you and get your opinion. Which one do you like better, any feedback?
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Orange 100. Your photo evokes way more positive emotion plus the lighting is more faltering on you.
What is your Zoom Recording Workflow ?
Wondering what our more advanced Apple users Zoom recording workflow looks like for maximum video/audio quality. Do you you use a screen recording software or QuickTime to pro res ? Want to develop the habit of recording my calls for content purposes.
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Content System Mental Models
Really enjoy and appreciate how steve illustrates his kontent machine models on his YT videos. I find it much more helpful to first understand the whole model before breaking it into and working on the some of its parts. Essentially, just being aware and able to identify β€œ the Forrest before going hiking with the Trees”. I wish they taught us non engineer minded people about the value and power of systems thinking earlier on in life… @Stephen G. Pope what software are you using to draw out your mental models/mind maps ? Are we able to get access to these pdf’s when we purchase content engine ? PS: For anyone who wants to learn from one of the best about mental models and systems thinking, I have attached my favorite resource. This has to be one of the best books I have ever come across for decision making that I try and consult daily.
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Thank you Steve I will definitely let you know as I start to Install the system! Staying organized for me is my biggest challenge as I’ve never been able to master the mundane and stick to an exact system. I’m more of an action taker!
Free Video Captions (like Hormozi)
Just stumbled across this... get video captions for free β†’ Can't remember where I found it otherwise I'd give them credit.
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@Croix Sather for the same price you could just purchase the INSHOT mobile editing software with caption generation built in and if you or your editor use adobe premiere pro you are already set there
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