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Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!



Rebecca Courtney
Jakub Michalski
Frederik Martens
Brendon Cappelletti
David Newman
New comment 53m ago
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    I'm in Oslo, Norway 🤩

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    @José Manuel Redondo Lopera great to see you here! Hope we can catch up soon. 🤩

Hi guys, hoping to draw on some of your experience. I'm new to facilitation and learning the design sprint. I'm doing well at talking about the design sprint and there seems to be some buy-in. However, our organization is highly technical (some seriously big brains) and we have an internal set up called "Digital Factory" which they are using for acceleration of transformation. Admittedly, focused on the digital aspect. They are using agile sprints. My question: What is the real difference between a design sprint and an agile sprint? And how can I highlight to my colleagues that it could be worth doing design sprints up front in the innovation process? I do understand that agile is more of a downstream process. So, I guess, does anyone have experience with what teams start from in an agile setting? Use cases for example... Looking forward to your comments / thoughts. Thanks



Teddy Wilhelm Dillier
Kat Mather
Joao Ribeiro
Shannon Wagers
New comment 9d ago
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    @Teddy Wilhelm Dillier and thanks for sharing the video. Of course Jon had preempted this question 🤪 He’s so good at explaining 🙌

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    @Joao Ribeiro wow, thanks so much, lots to think about there. I will definitely need to think about both approaches but maybe approach number 2 is how I could pitch into the existing framework of the “Digital Factory” 🙌

In my 20+ years of facilitation, I've only ever worked with a co-facilitator a handful of times. (And on every occasion it was someone I knew well and had worked with in other contexts.) I've recently been given the opportunity to co-facilitate on a reasonably large programme of workshops, and while I'm not super-passionate about the work being proposed, I'm tempted to say yes just so I can experience co-facilitation on a different level. I'm keen to hear of your experiences co-facilitating (especially if it was with someone you didn't know well to begin with). What do I need to think about / plan for / consider in order for it to work really well? I'm really keen to explore where co-facilitated workshops fit in the mix of things.



Hassanein Ismail
Kerri Price
Kat Mather
David Newman
Shannon Wagers
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    Interesting thread, thanks for posting. I gave a somewhat off the cuff invite to someone this morning, to co facilitate with me in a design sprint 😅 mostly to help with the buy-in. I can see I need to read up and prepare for preparing him 😅🤪🙌

Currently I am in the search for some inspiration for songs /tracks for making my own playlist filled with music that is chill but sparks creativity at the same time. If you have tips about genres that works well or other points that gives me inspiration on this topic I am all ear for suggestion 🙌🌟



Sam Pettersson
Kat Mather
David Newman
Alissa Sylvestre
Chefrany Laitenu
New comment 22d ago
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    @Sam Pettersson I love this! 😍 Will have to try it in my next workshop

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    I’ve started a playlist but not tried it yet… would be interested to hear what anyone thinks about it. Is it too much? https://open.spotify.com/playlist/13EH8VLer3kr5Y7IJqRI32?si=Zqn2FobYSXu3RP1_JiSXQw 🤩🕺

hello everuone, i just fibished the cours of the design sprint masterclass and i want to know more about the live calls of Q&A. And, also want to know if there's a special groupe of us the student; sins i can't find the facebook groupe anymore ! Thank You!



Jakub Michalski
Chakib A Dekik
Kat Mather
Sam Pettersson
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    Thanks for asking this. I’m in the same position. But will get back onto this when I’ve done the facilitation fundamentals 😅🙌

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