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Anyone here trying to multiply their $ in crypto?
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If you're looking for resources/info DM me; I can show you all the groups and resources that I use. Crypto is great for multiplying money but not overnight; but if you're looking to 100x something in a month that's just effectively gambling
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@Alphonso Cornelius Absolute blast, love shooting craps; but separate from investing
Photo Location; The Linq, Flamingo, and Harrah's in Las Vegas, NV
Staying at the cheaper hotels does not mean no photo locations! Hope this helps somebody start to come up with a plan for their next trip to Vegas The Ferris wheel is pretty iconic and there is a cool plaza with big fountain right next to the In N Out Burger in the alley between the Flamingo and The Linq The exit from the Linq going to Harrah's near Las Vegas Boulevard has an entrance/exit completely surrounded by mirrors and the pillar in the middle plays various graphics that are super bright/colorful/exciting. Inside of Harrah's on the casino floor there is a large circular lounge/bar that usually has lower traffic so odds are you can probably snag an empty booth or two during the day to take relaxed drink photos.
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Photo Locations; Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada
Chances are you've seen these pics used across multiple of the example IG profiles; definitely the poker card wall and the catch flower wall. If you've got a friend or even just a tripod for your phone you should be able to get some good pics at these spots. The Catch wall is the entrance to a restaurant in the Aria main lobby, it's inside the tunnel that you see when you first walk in. The flower bed and hanging ball spot is to the right of the Catch wall and can make for some decent shots but isn't a main attraction. The Poker Card Wall is just outside the PokerGo! Studio which to get to just walk to the far side of the valet drop off circle. If you keep going past the card wall and down a giant flight of stairs there is a condo lobby made of all Marble with fancy art and decor; be cool and nobody will bother you there.
Book List from 2023
Very finance focused but still felt like a good year of reading; always looking for recommendations... Very Important People How To Win Friends and Influence People The Rational Male - Vol.1 Rich Dad, Poor Dad The Millionaire Booklet The Sovereign Individual Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Way of the Wolf The Speed of Trust How to Avoid Trouble with the IRS The Richest Man in Babylon The Millionaire Next Door Securing Wallets The Speed of Trust was a dark horse hit, big thanks to my mentor RG3 for that one. Ask me any questions about the books on the list!
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@Steve Sharabura Crazy to think the book is that old. Do you think that any of the wisdom from the book hasn't translated well to our modern social media age?
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@Nils MacQuarrie It's a great read! Audiobook is a pretty easy listen
Games Women Play - Instagram Edition
Gents, I got a goooood nugget of information from one of my female friends the other day. We were talking about dating and she mentioned how when she starts to suss out if a man is worth dating is she 1) goes to his instagram (and other online sources like facebook, LinkedIn, etc) and see's how he presents himself (sense of style, level of fitness, is it full of photos of you holding fish and slamming back beers, etc) and... This is a new one... 2) She goes into their "follows" list and sees the types of accounts they follow. She mentioned that if a guy is following a lot of "influencers" aka "thirst traps" that they do not have any relationship to that she can see (based on the context of how you display yourself online), then she will assume (and mentions she is usually correct in this assumption) that the guy is only interested in a quick fuck and nothing more. Women are smart. Women look at the small things. Is your instagram fixed displaying access to scarce resources/high-status signals? Do you follow nothing but thirst-traps or do you follow your "Dream 100" of the people you want to network with and be like (your inspirations)? Now, once you establish yourself, and begin to follow models or other 'influencers' that you have developed a relationship with, then it's a different context, but women will pick up on this based on the IVE (irrefutable visual evidence) you display in your profile (is it congruent with how the man presents himself?). Maybe it's time to clean up your "follows" list and re-evaluate how you use Instagram. 😉 You got this! 💪
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excellent info, need to make sure to curate the followed accounts
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