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Help with Descript
When I have a clip in descript and when I make a cut. Then I move the next bit in the frame the first clip seems to be linked and it moves to where I moved the other clip to. How can I unlink the 2 clips so that I can move the other without affecting the first clip? (I have spent about an hour trying to work without any luck!) I want to move the person on the right to the left that is green-screened to the left on the next clip.
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Help with Descript
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@Stephen G. Pope Thanks Stephen, if anyone can help here is a quick loom explaining this question in more detail. I have another question at the end as well if you can please help!
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@Jeffrey Buoncristiano Thanks Jeffery, the / worked. It seems that the cut tool doesn't work on the man clip. Apricate the help!
Feedback on Linked-In profile
On the call last week one of my action items was to update my LinkedIn to make it simple for people to understand how I can help them when they land on my profile after watching a video. Any feedback?
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Feedback on Linked-In profile
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@Stephen G. Pope I have had another stab at it! What do you think now?
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@Stephen G. Pope Yes correct, if you are trying to connect 1,000 people to the internet it becomes much more difficult. Keeping in mind scammers, viruses and denial of service attacks are a few of the things that target companies' networks these days.
How to write a good hook!
This podcast has given me some really good idea's from a couple who has mastered the hook on Tiktoc. They are now making over 7 figures in the music industry from nothing on the marketing they have put together. If you haven't got someone in the first 2 seconds you have lost them! Some really great take always from this and I thought someone would benefit from the share:
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Seeking advice on LinkedIn Profile
Hey everyone! For some reason, crafting a single message through my channels and focusing on one niche has been scary and hard 🤷‍♂️. I just started the Traffic & Sales course and looking for any feedback on my LinkedIn bio and tagline. I appreciate any thoughts, thanks! Current Tagline: I teach professionals how to OWN their on camera presence with modern tools & classic filmmaking techniques without getting overwhelmed. Creating software demos for busy Saas founders Bio: Struggling to create virtual presentations & demos that drives sales? I help SaaS companies create engaging software demos that not only tell their story but also guide users in utilizing their products. 🚀 Amplify your audience reach 🎬 Streamline video content creation 💰 Boost sales with your videos Gone are the days of wrestling with video production complexities. I've combined efficient systems with AI tools that allow me to share daily video content across various platforms. As a seasoned commercial cinematographer, I've fused my 15 years of experience with software & AI passion. From 1:1 consultations to turnkey video campaigns, I collaborate with SaaS founders and teams, producing premium demos tailored to your marketing and sales strategies. Ready to enhance your virtual presentations and demos? Join the Human Creatives Insights
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I really like it! I don't see any way to improve! Now it's time to go out and talk to more customers! :)
Last weeks call recording
Can anyone please point me in the direction of last weeks calls recording?
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@Stephen G. Pope thank you! 😊
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