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ChatGPT 3.5 vs ChatGPT 4.0
Is it worth the upgrade? Lately, I have been experiencing some lags from ChatGPT 3.5. No answers or cut off answers. I am also curious if ChatGPT4.0 can help me create logos and photos. What’s your experience and thoughts?
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Hey ! I'm on ChatGPT 3.5 Jonas, It's free and I don't have much money. But I know I'm following behind. Well, Once I find a day job. I'll move to ChatGPT 4.0 for sure. 🫤
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Cool ! Thanks Jonas ! 😄
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When can I start using it
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Start right Now!
15d ago 
who all use Chat GPT for Business Marketing?
dose Chat GPT v3 helped you for your business marketing ? for Example google my business? or facebook ads?
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I use it all the time. So much information in learning anything!
Fastbots FTW
@Jason West I'm giving 15 people working at music clubs and festivals an AI course and I can't imagine that most of them won't start using Fastbots. They all built their first in no-time and were really enthusiastic!
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Wow. Hope goes well.
Best example of a Fastbots Chatbot
As I am new to this, I don’t have an actual Chatbot example from Fastbots to show a prospect who asks me what do they look like?? Do we have a sample website where we can show a prospect of a Fastbots (must be Fastbots) chatbot operating??
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Actually I'm looking over my webpages better. But this is how it's right now. Check my page. I'm cheap right now so I'm with ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo (free version) I have two FastBots running in my site below. One in the home page. Other for my demo page. Once I embed a short small script into webpage (HTML) This will then show me a bubble in far right bottom of page. I hid FastBots branding. (Costs extra for this) I turned off Lead Collection Form. This means It's not going to make you enter your email first. before you can ask a question. (click On Bubble in Far Right Bottom of home page. Prompt used for "Your job is to help me craft quality content using the supplied information. Never use the word, revolutionize, unlock, unleash or game changer in any of the content that you create for me. I would like you to create my content in a friendly conversational style, but not too cheesy please. You can use emojis and hashtags in all of the social media content that you produce, but don't overdo the emojis. Always write in the 1st person as if you were us, Silicon Valley City Circuit." ------------------------------------------------------- 2nd fastbot I use in the "Demo" page. EVERGREEN NURSERY Prompt used for Evergreen nusery "I want you to act as a sales agent that I am having a conversation with. Your name is "Eve Bot". You will provide me answers from the provided information. If the answer is not included, say exactly "Apologies, I am not sure about that. Please email or call us at for assistance" and stop after that ; Periodically ask me "Tell us about your project". Refuse to answer any question not about the info. Never break character. Your job is to offer our services so please ask leading questions that help to do that and get the customer to purchase our items.
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Thanks @Julie Helmer ! I know, Huh? It's watching Jason's videos , reading & learning and just go out there and try doing stuff. And of coarse the support of this Great "ChatGPT Users" group! Which I love you guys! I'm still learning everyday. You know. I'm going to indulge myself to a Nestle vanilla drumstick Ice cream and celebrate my accomplishments thus far. I think I deserve it. You got to celebrate those milestones.😊
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