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ENDS TODAY! One Time Payment for Your Own 24/7/365 Multilingual Actor/Actress!
Making videos for Social Media Channels, Auto Webinars, Educational Training, or Sales Presentations takes a long time and a lot of work. 😱 Until now.. I'm super impressed with this AI Avatar video maker that can take care of everything for you.The best part is that, for the next few days, you can also get it on a lifetime deal and save a fortune too. 💰 With this powerful software, you can have an AI Avatar read out your own scripts or even an AI-generated script. You can choose from a selection of male and female actors, and they can even speak multiple languages. 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 I also love the fact that the software reads your script and then automatically chooses where to make the avatar appear to have emotions such as happy, sad, or surprised! 😀 😔 😮 This one is definitely worth grabbing while the lifetime deal is on, because normally this kind of software is very expensive to use. Cheers Jason 🍻
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ENDS TODAY! One Time Payment for Your Own 24/7/365 Multilingual Actor/Actress!
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Got me this AI Avatar video maker ! So cool and easy to operate. Thanks for info @Jason West ! -John
Sending bulk cold - emails & check if they are being being opened.
Guys I was using YAMM with googles sheets in sending bulk emails. But I was using . But I was told that it would look more professional if I was to use my company's domain. . Can someone tell me what would be an alterative that I can send bulk emails and use my business email and work with google sheets? I still want the function of checking if people are actually opening up my emails.
Let’s Collaborate and Explore Each Other’s Custom GPTs!
Title: Let’s Collaborate and Explore Each Other’s Custom GPTs! Hey AI Enthusiasts, I’ve been thinking about the incredible potential we have in this group, with so many of us building custom GPT models. Each model represents a unique perspective and skill set that we can all learn from and be inspired by. I propose that we create a shared list of our custom GPTs and take the time to explore and try each other’s creations. This could be a fantastic way to gain new insights, improve our own models, and foster a stronger sense of community. Here’s how we can do it: 1. Share Your GPT: Post a brief description of your custom GPT, what it does, and the unique features it offers. Include a link for others to try it out 2. Try Others’ GPTs: Spend some time exploring the GPTs shared by other members. Provide feedback, ask questions, and share your experiences. 3. Collaborate and Improve: Use the feedback and experiences to refine and enhance your models. Let’s support each other in pushing the boundaries of what our GPTs can do. Our phase one goal is to A. Have at least one of our GPTs hit 500 conversations B. Each of us share at least one GPT with a potential new user of Ai. I believe this initiative can be both fun and enriching for all of us. Looking forward to discovering the amazing GPTs you’ve created! Best, J. Poole
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I honesty don't know much about Creating Custom GPT's. I was always focused on selling Chatbots with fastbots. Would GPT's be same, Except the customer would have to go to to get the info. And can you monetize these, If you wanted? I'm currently creating chatbots and now not sure if I should be working on GPT's instead! 🫤
Podcast on my Diabetic Lifestyle Resource GPT
Hey everyone! I was featured on the What's Appening Podcast regarding my Diabetic Lifestyle Resource GPT in the GPT store. If anyone wants to view it here is the link: Also, if you build GPTs are want to be on the podcast, leave a comment in the video and they will reach out to you!
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Podcast on my Diabetic Lifestyle Resource GPT
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OMG !!! All you ChatGPT Users here in this group should check out Julie in this Podcast! And you know Julie's been helping us all in this group. So if possible. Help spread the word in what ever possible way. As they say "What goes around, comes around." And you know we here in the ChatGPT Users group are a team! I'm so excited for you Julie! You ROCK ! And it started with @Jason West Chat GPT SKOOL! .. Damn, I love you guys !! 😄
Conversational Chatbots
Last week I saw a post about a new conversational chatbot but I can't find it. Can someone drop the link?
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So many Questions have been answered already. Good practice before asking the group questions is to do a search of your question. Then also ask ChatGPT. Listen to Julie. 😄
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"snarky" LOL 😂
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