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How I became an NPC...
I was kinda in building mode the last year and today I woke up to this view: (attached below) Yeah it looks beautiful I know, and no, this post won't be about some bullshit of work hard or anything like that. The truth is I was afraid to come to Bali, I was in "monk mode" for so long, and not the 2-8 week sprint type of monk mode, it wasn't even monk mode anymore it was just my life... I consumed so much self-improvement and business content that everything has to be filtered thru the question: is this beneficial? Will this make me better? and when I mean everything I mean EVERYTHING, I was afraid to come to Bali because I knew I had this filter and I wanted to do stuff here that I just love to do and it doesn't necessarily make me "better" I forced myself into this optimizer identity and I lost my creativity, personality and playfulness towards life. ​ But this made me stuck... I stopped having great ideas, that aliveness left me and I even forgot what was the reason I was working for. One day on my YouTube feed some random channel came up about some guy documenting his "monk mode" I was curious about the video and I made a prediction about the guy's personality before clicking: "he will probably lack aliveness, will have that sleepy voice and will talk about his routine" I said to myself and I was 100% spot on, I knew this because practically this is how I lived... but the truth is that after a while it started to have diminishing returns, not even diminishing returns it's just practically got me nowhere. ​(I touched more on this in my new video)​ ​ so I decided to reverse engineer the times when I achieved the most, made the most money, had great connections and was the most fulfilled and I realized that at that time I was just being myself, sharing, consuming and creating stuff that I just enjoyed. I think now I understand what Naval meant by saying "escape competition thru authenticity"
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How I became an NPC...
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be free, my friend
I have a call with a multi-millionaire this week.
I’m probably going to build a private community for this guy. He is very famous and has an established brand. So in a way, I will be monitizing his audience. However, this is the first time that I ever hop on a call like this + the first time that I’ll be building a community for someone. So what are some tips, some content to watch. I want to be a complete master in this topic. Perhaps Andrew has some insights.
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@Sanjar Nuryyev was kind to share this with me. You may find it useful.
We Flew Our Content Specialist Out For A Sleepover 😅
Hey, Synthesizers! 👋🏼 I hope you're all splendid! I know there are a lot of pasty-white keyboard-kids in here (massive compliment by the way 😘)... So don't get too excited when you see the pics. But my wife and I have ALWAYS been huge on bringing people to our home when we do work with them. We feel this to be the best way to solidify relationships and authentically show we are also the people they expect us to be... face pulling weirdos by the looks of these pictures 😂 Anyhoo... It was REALLY exciting to have @João Dias over to stay with us for a few days 🙏🏻 He got to meet a small portion of our UK clients and celebrate one of many wedding anniversary parties at our home 💚 A lot of people talk a semi-decent good talk - but having people in your home, eating with you, your kids, friends and neighbours exposes you to a different level... A level that most will NEVER go. Why? Because they're full of BS. So, overall, it was nice to introduce @João Dias to that depth of personal exposure... And boy did he grow from it 😉 Here's to more meetups (sleepovers) ⚡️
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We Flew Our Content Specialist Out For A Sleepover 😅
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as wholesome as it gets
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@Rich Talyor-Wellington maximal wholesome overload
I am featured today in Colin and Samir’s newsletter
I just had a career defining moment. So stoked and honored to be featured in the Colin and Samir newsletter. I worked all weekend talking with SAG to get all the information over to Hannah, their lead writer. Hopefully this is helpful and if you guys have any questions please let me know. I would love creators to realize that there is a real benefit to joining SAG and also if you want to join SAG, make sure you’re not doing anything during the strike that could jeopardize your ability to join later. Contact me at my website if you want to connect or have questions. I have room probably for 2-3 more clients, then I will be maxed out.
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I am featured today in Colin and Samir’s newsletter
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uber cool feature. love the channel and offer 👑
How Synthesizer School changed me
I asked @Andrew Kirby, "What are the key ingredients to building and hosting a successful mastermind online?" {Here.} Andrew says, "Be an expert." Now I'm no expert, but I love the concept of masterminds. I've spent $40K on self development programs and masterminds rank the highest for practical learning, accountability and leverage. Synthesizer School is not a mastermind but it is one of the most high value free communities out there. It makes sense why it's successful. I think Andrew operates it with the foundational principles of a mastermind. I have wanted to build my own mastermind for a minute. Also because I've built a lot of communities, the natural next step was a mastermind. But I'm no expert. So I found experts and partnered with them to build their masterminds. Right now, I'm building the Playstack mastermind with Mike Dee and the six figure zen container with Mario Lanzarotti. [Edit: UPDATE just recruited an expert who built landing pages for Lionel Messi, Manny Pacquiao, Kim K.] I share this here because none of this would be possible without the guidance and insights gathered from Andrew and all y'all at Synthesizer School. For those of you who are new here, I invite you to study Synthesizer School. Both the people and insights they've shared. It's easy to dismiss a free group and think there's not a lot of value shared here because it's free. And be chasing that next course. And the next. And the next. I was that guy. Whether you are a contentpreneur or business owner in the creator space, you don't need to buy another course. Study Synthesizer School. People and posts. Consume with intention. Connect with synthesizers. Take focused action. Me before Synthesizer School • Binge consumer
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How Synthesizer School changed me
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@Joao Silva lets get it 💪
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@Ben Cowan thanks G ⚔️ it's a personal choice. if you have the funds to sustain your lifestyle while you build an audience, then I don't see why that'd be a problem. andrew has solid thoughts on this
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