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17 contributions to Skool Community
How We're Using Skool To Increase Coaching Call Show-up Rate
Hey guys, it's Jeff & Jess (your favorite Skool coach couple) with another MIND-BLOWING discovery... just kidding it's a small, but valuable tip we stumbled on this week that'll most likely help increase your coaching call show rate in Skool, so that you can help your clients get better/faster results! We'll keep you posted on how it plays out tmrw... P.S....yes, Jess is wearing a parka in California (everywhere's cold compared to Puerto Rico) #brrrr
New comment Oct '23
1 like • Oct '23
@Shaun Michael glad you dig it! As for the vid speed, naw its 1x (i guess we just talk fast)
1 like • Oct '23
@Shaun Michael Definitely agree with you. It depends on your audience for sure. We do have 2 coaching call times to accomodate the diff time zones, but you're right, some people do miss out on some of the content from some of the calls. It's definitely not a perfect or one-size-fits all solution
Q: Do we have the ability to lock & unlock sets inside of a classroom?
Ideal scenario: Client comes in & we give them access to a course with only the first set showing. Then, once they do set 1 homework that we vet, we then manually unlock the second set & so on Is this possible? @Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment Apr '23
1 like • Apr '23
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe thanks! We'll go with that. The reason why I didn't first want to create different courses is because I was thinking it could look a little overwhelming to some people (ie seeing a bunch of courses vs just 1-2 in the classroom), but we will make it work!
1 like • Apr '23
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe You rock! thanks again for the quick reply
Change "Classroom" tab to "Courses"?
We think "Courses" is more intuitive. What do you think?
New comment 2d ago
4 likes • Apr '23
keep classroom, or give options to change it. That way, people who've built courses already that reference the "classroom tab" don't have to be redone
Free Skool Group just works!
Wow! I have to say I am gob smacked with just how well Skool is working for us. We have had a FB Group for several years now. We joined Skool some time back but hesitated to start a free group as it seemed that paid groups were the thing. I was concerned if the engagement and our Setting > Booked Call flow would not work as well as our FB Group. Then 2 weeks ago we took the plunge and decided to test a free group on Skool by inviting 50 beta testers from a rather dormant email list. This all happened over the last weekend. Boom!! First week, 2 x new coaching clients and $15,000! All because our new members just love the Skool platform compared to FB Groups. Now, we are in the fertility coaching niche and Skool offers what is perceived by our new members a more personal and a more private community to discuss their issues. Clearly, the FB Group will shortly go!! 😎 Thanks Sam Ovens, awesome platform!
New comment Apr '23
2 likes • Apr '23
Congrats @Bert Tassoni these are great results!
How We're Using Skool (+Dealing With Bad Chat Etiquette For Clients)
Hey team! It's J&J, your favorite Skool coach couple again...this time with a question + idea on how to beat the bad chat etiquette on skool... GOATS: what do you do about bad chat etiquette? Ghost em, roast em, or try to help em? @Ted Carr @Danny Mallinder @Blake La Grange @Sam Ovens @Sid Sahasrabuddhe P.S. the pink eye in the video looks worse than it actually is, but thankfully we're working through it as a couple 😜
New comment Mar '23
1 like • Mar '23
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe Hahah great example. Thanks
0 likes • Mar '23
@Harry Whelchel Stand up and take a bow! Beautifully done
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