Creating a workshop for a SALES TEAM (how to start ? )
Hi everyone! I am currently working on 2days workshop to support a Sales team.
We will be spending 2 days away and we have 3 objectives.
  1. Make sure that all the sales team understand a Data journey
  2. Explain a new methodology that goes from reactive to proactive
  3. Create an action plan together with them to moe forward.
Key points to understand.
  1. People never really met together as a team
  2. This 2 days workshop need to make a big impression on them
  3. We have our 6 main offers to present.
Itโ€™s a team of 15 people and we have the Director of sales for the input phase. he will be here for those 2 days.
What would be your advise in designing workshop(s) for this challenge?
Thank you so much!
P.s. I have pipdecks workshop tactics and workshopper book.
Jean-philippe Favre
Creating a workshop for a SALES TEAM (how to start ? )
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