The New Podcast has Launched!!
Four years ago I started the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast to help more women get the knowledge, practical advice and inspiration they needed to succeed in business.
It was a big success, with thousands of listeners each month and lots of business schools using it as an example of female leadership and entrepreneurship in practice.
However, I felt that now is the time to change things up.
See how successfully the Dream Clients Summit created a business growth experience for participants, I wanted the podcast to do the same.
I also wanted a platform to share my Value Whispering approach to meaningful marketing and business growth, as I feel it fills a gap in the market for a more empowering and impactful way to run a business and attract clients - that also feels natural and authentic. I feel this week's challenge has proven that there is a need for this knowledge to be out there for more to benefit from.
So I have taken the brave step (at least I'm hoping it's brave and not foolish 馃槈), to refocus my podcast and rename it: the Art of Value Whispering
Episode one (190) is out now, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.
And if you like it, it would be a great help if you could spread the word about the 'new' show.
Many thanks and happy listening!
Melitta x
Melitta Campbell
The New Podcast has Launched!!
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