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Age Demographic of Skool users?
I was hoping maybe that @Sam Ovens or someone in the team could help share insights to all of the Skool creators on the platform by letting us know what age demographic makes up the majority of skool users. I would find this very helpful when I start my paid ads to my multiple Skool groups. When selling to boomers we use Facebook, and selling to gen-z we use Snapchat/tiktok etc, insights like this. Would be helpful. Iโ€™m not sure Sam will answer, so looking for some help with the math from the larger groups out there. I know it will be dependent on niche.
YouTube Addict? I got you covered...
As someone who spends a lot of my time on YouTube, It became apparent that I needed to find a way to use YouTube without getting pulled in by its slot-machine retention hacks. I have been using a google chrome extension called unhook that lets you use YouTube without falling into the doom-watching tendencies we all struggle with. You can select what parts of YouTube it hides. For me hiding the home page so I can go turn on some music without being attracted to all the new video uploads on the home page was HUGE. I hope this helps everyone stay focused so we can continue to win! Talk soon, James
New comment 5d ago
YouTube Addict? I got you covered...
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@Jt K Hahaha if it doesn't take away from your north star then your good!
Skool = Ranked Ladder Info Gaming
I'd like to discuss the advantages of platforms like Skool versus other course platforms ( Circle, GHL) that create a more isolated environment for members, where they only access your content, similar to private server gaming versus ladder gaming. There's value in both approaches. Having your educational content on an "island," as some platforms offer, can protect a less competitive product from being overshadowed. As Alex Hormozi put it, "The best will rise to the top on Skool." This approach isn't suited for everyone, but it has its merits. But when knowledgeable individuals collaborate as a mastermind, refining and enhancing processes, they are setting new standards for what's possible and effective for their students. This collective progress can be stifled if members are confined to an isolated platform where their exposure to varied mentors and ideas is limited. In such an environment, not only do the students miss out on broader learning opportunities, but the instructors also lose the chance to interact and learn from one another, as we are doing right now. This dialogue is crucial for running an efficient and supportive communityโ€”it keeps us aligned with the overarching goal of our efforts. Consider the difference in dynamics between playing in a competitive ladder setting, where you're constantly pushed to improve and rank higher against others, and playing a single-player, non-ranked game. The competitive ecosystem fosters a drive and a spirit of improvement that isolated platforms lack. Those in isolated settings like Circle might avoid direct competition, but they also miss out on the communal benefits of shared growth and challenge. I'm curious to hear others opinions on this. As the information overload could be heavy on skool because of all the groups/notifications.
New comment May 9
Skool = Ranked Ladder Info Gaming
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@Jenna Ostrye very good point, there is a pull to be around so many bright minds working hard everyday on common goals.
Low v.s. High ticket skool
For those wondering which option is better or if you should do both on skool here has been my experience: I've been in high ticket for the last 4 years. Here's my unfiltered breakdown: High ticket cons: - Not everyone can afford it - Requires sales calls - Feels high risk for client high ticket pros: - Better clients (not everyone can afford it) - More committed clients - Higher perceived value - More personalized attention - Requires few leads to reach high income goals Low ticket cons: - Takes a team and time to scale - More admin work (refunds, tech support etc...) - Requires a lot of leads - Standardized coaching - Lower committed clients Low ticket pros: - Can be sold from a web page - Impulse buying typically makes the sale - Clients expect less - More stable MRR
New comment May 8
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@Daniel Bissonnette Good point. I am currently in decision limbo on what one to run. I currently have 170 members in a free that's growing rapidly. I think i will take your advice, Its better to just choose one and then build the other. That way there's a clear progression of value to your value ladder.
0 likes โ€ข May 8
@Daniel Bissonnette Nice, I need to remember that if something doesn't work like i expected i can always change it around to what fits best for me and my community. I'm sure that these large groups we look at as case studies on our own research often change strategies and adapt
Do poll votes count as engagement for skool rankings?
Curious about this one. If so, Are they the same weight as a like/comment?
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