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Recording: Lead Magnet Workshop
Thanks to everyone who attended today's session on lead magnets. Here's the recording for those that missed it. We discussed: - the criteria for a lead magnet (i.e. to "lead" as a verb) - 3 types of lead magnets you can use - how to have quality leads take action - why you should be hesitant to create one without an offer @Leonardo Gomes and I do these every Wednesday, so see you at the next one! After conceptualizing an effective lead magnet, the next step is to actualize it by nurturing these leads passively into paying clients. We also dive deep into these concepts inside our TAP program. We're running a free 7-day trial right now for 5 people to test out their lead magnets with us free of charge. If you're interested, comment "magnet" below and we'll get you set up. Thanks for attending! And of course drop any questions about lead magnets below and we'll help the best we can.
Hassan Dajani
Andrew Woodbury
Tatiana Shirokova
New comment Sep 29
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Loved (all) the 13-9-2023 live "lead magnet" workshop(s). My take aways: Can't wait to see Andrew in Egypt 2024; If prospects don't have buy-in for my service (Dogme 101), then it's not time that they don't have, rather their priority is not set on MY deliverable !
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Intrigued by Leo's course catch from the first encounter, only to descend into oblivion as soon as he paid the subscription. That says a lot about the course which captured his interest inititally.
Live Session: Mastering the Art of High-Converting Landing Pages
Every second Wednesday, @Leonardo Gomes and I run free workshops to help you get your teaching business up and running. For many, landing pages are a point of concern: - what site should I use? - what should it look like? - how many hours does it take to design one? - why do people come to the page and then not click or buy? In this workshop, we'll put you at ease. A landing page shouldn't take that much thought - BUT they are vital for the success of your business. SESSION DESCRIPTION: Are you struggling to attract new clients to your teaching business through your website's landing pages? Join us for this in-depth webinar where we'll guide you through the process of creating landing pages that not only capture attention but also convert visitors into valuable clients. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting out, this session will provide you with the knowledge you need to create a landing page that actually does what it is designed to do - land new clients for your teaching business Remember: if prospects come to your landing page and leave immediately, they don't see why they should work with you. We'll strategize how to avoid this as well. So, join us next Wednesday for this session. The recording will be available here afterwards as well. We want this community to be as valuable and useful to you as possible - if you have other tips and suggestions for what you'd like to see here, drop it in the comments. *See the calendar for the session link and time.
Leonardo Gomes
Hassan Dajani
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A definite sit-in and Focus for me. I'm a nascent ELT who is struggling to put together my first ELT coaching course ! Dogme / TBLT are still mystical, however, I look forward to learning a few tricks from you gurus on how to start a course that is Conversation-driven with emergent language as the main desired outcome.
Dogme 101 for a hospital group in Cairo, Egypt !
I just want to say how awsome you three are, in terms of ELT and supporting novice (and experienced) teachers like myself, at 54 ! Really enjoyed the Geoff Jordan webinar, awaiting future ones like Nation, Krashen and others, and hoping to learn a bit on ELTeaching for my dual context in Egypt. Mainly, to help V. novice teachers in a poor village with grades 3-9 students learning English (PreA1 to A2), and to help adult caregivers (admins, nurses and clinicians A1 to B1) learn English within their capacity in our hospital group of 1000 ! Thanks again.
Andrew Woodbury
Hassan Dajani
New comment Aug 26
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Definite grab in Cairo next year. I'm on my way to meet 1-1 with our IT lead in one of the hospitals. He's really excited to learn English, and I believe Dogme will find a way to help him ! Even though our Whatsapp group (92 weak) is not making waves in audience and engagement, I will start the 5-person free induction start group soon. Will start with 6-week modules, once a week for 1 hour 1-1. May start with topics like 'Names', 'Likes & Dislikes', 'Best in 24 hours', 'Celebrities', 'Opinions', and 'My top three'. My aim as a CSR internal project for the hospital group is to use your approach of 5 participants at a time. I garnered 5 prospects in three different locations for our group. Will start 1-1, then move to a less than 9-participant gatherings in an English Club-like context, on a weekly 1-hr basis. What do you think ?
Course vs classes
Hey there, when you are starting out on Instagram as a teacherpreneur, and you've chosen a niche in which you have experience but not a whole lot, is it better to start offering classes, or do you need to have a course already. Because even though I've created the course based on my experience with the subject and also with experience teaching some of my past students, I never fully immersed myself in this niche exclusively and now I want to. So the problem here is, I don't know how long it should last. I don't want to say the course lasts 4 months if I don't know for sure how much time the student will require to have a real transformation.😖
Michael Landry
Maria C
Hassan Dajani
New comment Aug 25
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@Michael Landry In other words you don't want to be 'the tail that wags the dog!' ?
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