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START HERE! Make Your First Post & Watch the Video
Hey there! Welcome to the Teacherpreneur Support Network! @Michael Landry , @Leonardo Gomes and I are excited to have you here. Over the past half decade, we’ve surveyed thousands of teachers from around the world, and there are two things they are passionate about: finding news ways to improve their teaching and having a steady income. These combined play a major role in teacher wellbeing, and the main goal of this community is to help you develop in both of these areas. To kick things off, Step 1: Make your first post HERE by using the template below: Let everyone know: 1. Your name 2. Why you joined this community 3. Are you focused on developing your teaching skills, improving your income, or both? 4. Your idea for a teaching business or new product 5. Your goal for the next 30 days 6. What you're looking for help with in this community. Step 2: Learn how to get unstuck & set up your foundations - start with Module 1 here. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The goal of this network is to help YOU and other aspiring teacherpreneurs feel confident in setting up their teaching businesses the right way. Watch the video below, answer the poll, and introduce yourself as an orientation to the platform and this community. The community here will be what we all make it. Let's not consume passively but rather contribute actively, build accountability, and help each other along the way. Some ways to do this: - make useful posts consistently - share tips that have worked for you - ask good questions - offer advice to those you believe you can help One thing is for sure: everyone here wants to see YOU succeed.
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@Inés Iglesias Hi, Inés! Nice to meet you. I'm also from Argentina. How's your business idea going? Would love to connect with you :D
Course vs classes
Hey there, when you are starting out on Instagram as a teacherpreneur, and you've chosen a niche in which you have experience but not a whole lot, is it better to start offering classes, or do you need to have a course already. Because even though I've created the course based on my experience with the subject and also with experience teaching some of my past students, I never fully immersed myself in this niche exclusively and now I want to. So the problem here is, I don't know how long it should last. I don't want to say the course lasts 4 months if I don't know for sure how much time the student will require to have a real transformation.😖
Michael Landry
Maria C
Hassan Dajani
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@Michael Landry Thank you so much! Yes, I do! Since I've found a niche that I'm super fired up about, I can't stop working on it. 😊
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@Michael Landry Top-notch advice! Thank you so much! 😊
Celta - Certificate
Hello, What are your thoughts on the Celta Certificate?
Leonardo Gomes
Andrew Woodbury
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@Leonardo Gomes What options do you have in mind?
Hi there, folks. I'm writing this post because I've been really hesitant to start my business as I can't choose a niche. I initially thought I wanted to choose Cambridge exams (B2 First), but I'm afraid there's just too many people offering the same thing, and I'm afraid I'll have too much competition and it'll be too difficult to sell my exam prep lessons. So, I've been battling with this for months. Any thoughts on this?
Andrew Woodbury
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Leonardo Gomes
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Niche again
Hello there, anyone else having issues with choosing a good niche? I had 3 ideas for niches, but I keep finding flaws to all of them. If it were for me, I'd choose pronunciation in a heartbeat because that's the one subject I'm extremely passionate about, and I always keep finding myself doing research or watching stuff about it— but I'm not sure anyone would want pronunciation-only lessons, and unfortunately, I don't have the privilege to create content every day as a hobby on social media. I need something that is also profitable. Any ideas on how to check if a niche idea is profitable?
Michael Landry
Andrew Woodbury
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Leonardo Gomes
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@Michael Landry Yes! I've actually chosen one in the past and spent a lot of time creating content for it, but it wasn't aligned with my values; that's why now I'm so hesitant to choose the wrong one again. However, I feel more aligned to this niche now. :)
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@Andrew Woodbury Hi, Andrew! Absolutely. I feel like if I don't choose anything, I'll be thinking about it forever. Thank you for replying!
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