Recording: Lead Magnet Workshop
Thanks to everyone who attended today's session on lead magnets. Here's the recording for those that missed it.
We discussed:
  • the criteria for a lead magnet (i.e. to "lead" as a verb)
  • 3 types of lead magnets you can use
  • how to have quality leads take action
  • why you should be hesitant to create one without an offer
and I do these every Wednesday, so see you at the next one!
After conceptualizing an effective lead magnet, the next step is to actualize it by nurturing these leads passively into paying clients.
We also dive deep into these concepts inside our TAP program. We're running a free 7-day trial right now for 5 people to test out their lead magnets with us free of charge.
If you're interested, comment "magnet" below and we'll get you set up.
Thanks for attending! And of course drop any questions about lead magnets below and we'll help the best we can.
Andrew Woodbury
Recording: Lead Magnet Workshop
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