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Getting closer!
Should be spitting out content Sunday. One question that I'm answering is how to get opus pro and riverside into frame. looks very manual. maybe very time consuming. any shortcuts i'm missing?
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@Mitchell Dong kedb Pro is now up and running. Scheduled out content. Working at lags in the system like using Riverside and Opus with frame. Opus is very good but you’re right. They’re still a lot of manual editing I have to do. But it’s really easy like Riverside.
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Just joined the no code automation group. Think I’m ready for the next step.
🏆 Skool Games Mental Mindset (how I'm dealing with the feelings)
First, its just the beginning really. So im trying not to get caught up in the outcome of winning the skool games. But it would be cool. I'm just staying focused on trying to build a valueable community for the members. Perspective is key. You know that anxious feeling, that fear of failure? That's life, with the right perspective it can be exciting. You choose. Enjoy the ride! All these feelings pass. Imagine how many other times you felt this way and it passed. I try and to turn these moments into action. Im keeping my todo list small, the plan is simple. To grow your community you need eye balls. Traffic. CONTENT. Even some one on one outreach. And the guts to do it. Ever since I was a young kid a good friend and I would yell out our windows on short drives "live life my friend!" It was silly but the louder we yelled the better it felt. It didnt feel as embarrassing when people looked at you when your friend was joining you. So today I'm your friend. LIVE LIFE MY FRIEND! 💪
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🏆 Skool Games Mental Mindset (how I'm dealing with the feelings)
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Way to go!!!
Upload video from Iphone
Hi, new to content creation at scale. I wanted to create a solo video. Easy right? Not for me. I tried the app captions. timed out at 5 minutes. I tried riverside but now I don't have my teleprompter. Out of frustration, I just recorded Iphone video. I'm uploading to Frame and my 12 min video is taking FOREVER. What's a simple way to record solo content and upload to Frame quickly? Or should I just have recored in another software that can easily connect to Frame? Thanks in advance.
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I think I just didn't give riverside a fair try. The big hang up is getting stuff off my iphone into Frame. I'm guessing you suggest building an iphone shortcut for this?
The FREE automation tool built into your iPhone 🤯
If you have an iPhone and an Open API Key, you can use native iPhone tools to generate all kinds of content/transformations without any third-party tools like or Zapier (or use them in tandem with those platforms). 🚀 Below is a quick overview of how to do it! ⬇️ I also included download links if you wanted to tinker. 📋 These shortcuts can... 1. Take a voice memo recorded on your phone or computer (activated from the share sheet) 2. Transcribe the audio using whisper (Open AI) 3. Use that transcription to create any number of additional transformations (creating outlines, tweets, etc...) all within the shortcuts app— no third-party tool required. 4. *OR* Pass the transcript along to an automation platform like or Zapier via webhook for further transformation (because let's be honest... they can do a lot more too) ❓Why would you want to do this? - Save executions and Time— since it is an instant trigger via webhook instead of having it "watching" every 15 minutes. - Save the hassle of using a dedicated tool/app like Slack to capture your audio. - Save money by keeping all of the automating on your phone (not relying on a third-party subscription... besides the nominal expense of Open AI Tokens) - OR maybe you just have simple things you'd like to automate that are disconnected from your database— like transforming a "brain dump" voice memo into a to do list, or simply creating a transcription note on your phone. 1️⃣ Here is an example I built that takes a voice memo, transcribes it, creates a title, summary, and bulleted outline with key details, creates a note on your phone, then gives you the option of passing along that info to a webhook for further trasnformation: 2️⃣ Here is another simplified shortcut that just transcribes the audio and passes it along to your automation via webhook (with some optional steps to create a note too):
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The FREE automation tool built into your iPhone 🤯
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can't wait to try this. I currently do this in Otter Ai on my phone but I have to copy paste the transcript to chat gpt. I haven't played with Make yet.Zapier kinda stinks to me. Not enough intergrations. I still don't know how you guys use Zap with Frame.
Zapier for Opus Pro or Riverside
Not seeing a zap connection for these. Am I missing it or is there a workaround?
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two, frame seems the best way to get into air table but the trigger is "approved" video. Looks like all the editing needs to happen before KEDB gets involved. upload edited files to frame and they disperse to AT and Drive. That's how i'm understanding Frame. Perhaps I could zap from Google Drive to Frame then back to Drive as finished product but so far my google drive is just a list of files. Nor organization there. It all happens in AT.
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@Mitchell Dong thanks. I see that now. Makes sense now.
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