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Ben Brown
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Bio: Currently I work for a major telecommunications company. I'm interested in music, voice over, writing and public speaking
Michael Ray
• Active 364d ago
Bio: Aspiring voiceover talent , who enjoys good conversations. A geek when it comes to equipment , techniques an all things vo
Penny Orton
• Active 318d ago
Bio: I'm a... Singer, Reader, Teacher, Painter, T1 Diabetic, Mother of 4, Wife, classic movie lover, movie quoter, Gamer of boards/cards/dice/ & dnd
Chani Kinsler
• Active 390d ago
Bio: I have various talents, in content creation, voice-over, blogger, game streamer, and Criminal Justice Consultant.
LaTonya Harrison
• Active 370d ago
Bio: Voiceover artist that loves meditation, spending time outdoors and caring for animals.
Bill Freeman Jr.
• Active 252d ago
Bio: At present I not working after a Stroke that has left me left side not fully functioning. So, this my next step in relearning things.
Victor Johnson
Memphis, TN
• Active 19d ago
Bio: Coming out of retirement to launch a Voice Over business.
Earl Hall
Mooresville NC
• Active 67d ago
Bio: Media Personality and Content Creator. Host of The Earl Hall Show and Co-host of Mind Your Business. Author/Coach/Course Creator
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Greg Cooper
I'm a teacher/singer/musician looking to get into voiceover work. I have a great voice (so people tell me), and I've always wanted to do this!

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Joined Mar 28, 2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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