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Practising Reading
I have been thinking about practising reading. Essentially I plan to just practice reading so that I can get use to my recorded voice. I am not worried about the quality if these practice recordings. So I have an idea. My phone has a recorder on it. So I can just record myself reading using my phone. This would enable me to have practice sessions while I am on lunch break. What do you think of this idea?
Penny Orton
Carter Anderson
Ben Brown
LaTonya Harrison
Victor Johnson
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Yeah John, that would be a great idea. It's easier to critique your voice when you listen to a recording that only recreate the sound that it picks up without any bias.
Thanks Investing In My Books
I know that there are so many of you that have gotten insight from my 3 books. The pics are starting to come in of voiceover artists just like you that have gotten my books. I would love to be able to celebrate you!!! Feel free to post pics of you here or on any social media channel holding my book(s) (kindle or paperback). Don't forget to tag me so that I see it and give you your props. Just make sure you are in the shot as well so we can see your lovely face 😀 Oh, if you need the link to get your own copy so you can post your own picture here it is
Ben Brown
Earl Hall
Bill Freeman Jr.
Alyssa Reynolds
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You're very welcome sir! I'm trying to get as much viable information I can from all sources.
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Here you go, Earl. Me and my three books.
Where are you in your voice over career
Here at steps to Voice Over Success I am committed to giving you the training and information you really need. Tell me below where you are right now to help me serve you better 😊
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Anthony Lanius
Vernessa McVay
Carter Anderson
Penny Orton
Ruth Haskins
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I have recorded and edited my voice but I still have a lot to learn
What time works best for you?
Starting in 2023 I want to be there for you love with the Steps to Voice Over Success Podcast. Currently the live show is every Friday at 8:30am EST. vote below on a new time starting every Thursday or Friday at 6 pm EST CAST YOUR VOTE NOW 😀
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Bryan Graves
Ben Brown
Earl Hall
Penny Orton
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Thursday at 6pm EST is best for me
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Earl, I voted for Thursday at 6pm EST, is there another way to vote?
What do you need to do NOW
There are so many things to get done while becoming a Voice Over. What is your REAL step you need to master before going to your next step?
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Annie Plourde
Tracy Phillips
Ben Brown
Penny Orton
Ruth Haskins
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Michael, I believe that actually doing the work will make you better. You can keep pushing buttons to get the right levels and make practice demos but until you put yourself out there, you won't grow. Also, to truly know what you're doing using the DAW is to put out a demo and see if you get any work. If you get a client from that demo your DAW skills are good, if you don't get any clients, you need more work on using the DAW. This is what I found out from not getting any clients. 😁
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Yes Penny, that is true. Just think about the time wasted up to this point where we did nothing until now. Look how much further we would be had we began much earlier.
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