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Free Money Thread: $10M Advertorials
Hey guys, today i'm sharing something that probably you guys already seen it before, or even used it in your brand. Pre-sell pages. Its kinda counterintuitive to throw traffic to a page before you product page. 1. The user will have more barriers till the checkout 2. More clicks before buying 3. Raised the chance to them bouncing out But, we ran multiple tests at Shine and Javy and realized that using pre-sells is a money making machine and can 2,3,4x your CR% and cut you CAC by more than a HALF! In the book: Breakthrough Advertising, written by the GOD of copywriting, Eugene Schwartz, he said: "Don't sell anything until the person its already sold" And thats why pre-sells are essentials while running Direct Traffic. These the best performing pre-sells we used last year. Use it to get inspiration and adapt to your own brand - - - -
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Thank you for sharing - love it
Codie Sanchez- Investor in Boring Businesses
Codie Sanchez quit her job on Wall Street and became a serial entrepreneur and investor focusing on the niche of “boring businesses”— car washes, laundromats, vending machines, etc. She built a $30M portfolio of 25 of these businesses that produce 8 figures in revenue. I often find myself watching her TikTok's or Instagram reels for guidance and inspiration. Here is one I stumbled across, that all business owners should watch. Click here. What is your business multiplier ?
Snippet from TikTok Trend Report 2023
TikTok content is curated based on what viewers find entertaining, it MUST capture their attention and build trust. 1. The attention comes from the quality of TikTok content. Is it entertaining, humorous, does it have an element of storytelling? 2. The trust is a result of who's making the content. When a viewer sees a video from a creator they can relate to or from an expert, they're more likely to take the information to heart. These two key pillars are the backbone of the CC strategy. TikTok have shared a report, with THEIR trend predictions for 2023. Sneak a peak to become an expert TikToker in 2023. Comment below if you want access to the full report.
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@Nunu Solomon would you be interested in viewing the entire report?
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Just for you :)
Have you tried 🏃‍♀️running TikTok for your brand and got no traction❓🤔
This is our newest CC ad. You can watch it excessively here:
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Amazing Results
420 conversions ($89.5 CPO) 😱💊
It was a pleasure to work closely with Vitable as a video editor, to help the brand scale its budget and keep their CPO at the $90 level. This ad alone made 420 conversions ($89.5 CPO). You can watch it here: Here’s a summary of their first ad campaign with us: ✅ CC creatives help scaling budget and keeping the CPO at the $90 level ✅ Male content creators performed better than female creators ✅ Multiple creators per video perform less than single creators. Exception: the conversational ad between two female friends performed well ✅ “Confusion of choice” and “showing delivered products in a native selfie perspective” are good opening hooks ✅ Ad angles around “How the quiz works”, “quality and health focus”, “overwhelmed by options” perform the best ✅ Boomerangs don’t perform well ✅ For the CTAs it seems like a clear message at the end like “Take the quiz” or “It will change your life” are good conversion drivers. Always include a CTA. ✅ Short copy performs better than medium length copy ✅ Discounts: no clear takeaways, it seems like “no discount” performed similarly well to 30% discount. ✅ Video duration: medium length videos (20-40 seconds) made up for the majority of winning creatives Ever since working with them in 2021, the vitamin brand has come back for 2 more rounds of content. If you haven’t checked them already, you can take their vitamin quiz through this link:
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Killed it !
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