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Creative Testing Strategy Framework (off-platform)
Hey Guys, I have been researching all sorts of types of facebook ads - before and afters, reviews, stills, videos + 50 more. I have just ended up with heaps of ideas and not sure where to start. What is the best way to prioritize and arrange my tests and keep track of my learnings off the platform. Do you guys use or Notion etc? What is your board layout? Sorry its a bit of a random question haha
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Hey, Will! Great question! So, i like to use Clickup. The structure I use is the following: 1. Folder = Project 2. List = Different Processes inside one project. for example: Project = Brand, Lists = Media Buying, Creative, CRO, Content So for this, I use a List called Creative for demanding new creatives and Media Buying for creative Launching 3. Task (and each Task is a diff creative) 4. Status = Each status the stage this creative is in his life cycle. I use a) To Launch b) Launched c) Scaling > 1K spent d) Scaling > 5k spent e) Scaling > 10k spent f) Bad Creative -> This helps on the Data loop for creative improvements. Let your designing team knows instantly what are your Best Performing Creatives. Hope this help! But the tool is not the problem. If you have a good SOP you can easily replicate even on Google Sheets (I also used it sometimes for clients that prefer visualizing everything in Table view)
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About which one to prioritize, It really depends on your budget. But i'll choose 3 formats and 3 diff msg angles for each one. After that, you start iterating on the best format and the best angle. Always trying to keep most of your budget on what you know is working. So, after you find at least 2 winning formats, i'd just keep using the same format and testing 1 diff. But do not overthink this. You need to have the Media Buyer Mindset: "As early you launch, as early you'll learn, as early you'll scale"
FB ads
Hey all! Looking for some advice/info about FB ads. I am about to launch a new campaign and want to just focus on broad targeting. In @Noah Hunter Dorsey 's ad account video, he says he starts by running 2 adsets each with 3-4 ads in each. Is there any difference between these two adsets? What would be the benefit of splitting them up? The campaign would exit the learning phase quicker if I just had them all in the one adset. I've also been told that they'll bid against each other if I do it this way. Just want some clarification on this, and whether this is still how CC are doing things :) Also want to say how beneficial these courses have been to my business! Super excited to get a whole new set of ads going using NAM's process 🙌
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Awesome question, and also, AWESOME BRAND!! So, in theory, it would be competing against each other, and if you put them together it will exit the learning phase quicker. Buuuttt... In practice is not always like that. Thats because, when you launch an Adset with Broad targeting, for example, it "chooses" a small part (depending on your budget) to target. And no matter how you increase your budget, at a certain point, this audience will start to get saturated (hold this). So when you launch 2 ad sets - also in theory - you`d be targeting 2 different parts of the same audience. Thats why some scaling strategies consist in launching your best ad creatives in 1 campaign with 10 diff ad sets at once!! Unfortunately, thats not a simple topic. With the constant algo changes, thats a frequent discussion in the media buying space. Some will agree... Other disagree and say its better to launch just 1 ad set... The thing is, it doesn't have a right answer. I've tested both and saw good results in these 2 approaches. But what I'm doing to test creatives in my accounts is launch to combine Ads with the same angle in 1 Adset, inside one CBO testing campaign. All on Broad targeting. I can explain better if you want! Just reach me out, I have to get a plane now, but I'll get back as soon as possible!
Free Money Thread: $10M Advertorials
Hey guys, today i'm sharing something that probably you guys already seen it before, or even used it in your brand. Pre-sell pages. Its kinda counterintuitive to throw traffic to a page before you product page. 1. The user will have more barriers till the checkout 2. More clicks before buying 3. Raised the chance to them bouncing out But, we ran multiple tests at Shine and Javy and realized that using pre-sells is a money making machine and can 2,3,4x your CR% and cut you CAC by more than a HALF! In the book: Breakthrough Advertising, written by the GOD of copywriting, Eugene Schwartz, he said: "Don't sell anything until the person its already sold" And thats why pre-sells are essentials while running Direct Traffic. These the best performing pre-sells we used last year. Use it to get inspiration and adapt to your own brand - - - -
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🚨TikTok Viral Audio Alert🚨
This TikTok trending audio ( is originally a clip from the 2006 American comedy-drama film The Devil Wears Prada. The audio gained popularity after the creator Victor Ramos ( posted a video reenacting this scene from the movie. The original audio has been used in 29.6K videos so far. We used this trend for our client essano™. The video already has 66.4K+ views. You can watch it here:
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🚨TikTok Viral Audio Alert🚨
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Amazing content, Phill
What are your favorite eCommerce Websites?
Here are some of mine:
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