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Why Is No One Using REWARDS??? 🤯🤯🤯
Now this might shock you but it is very much real. The rewards I am doing with my community were inspired by a documentary called "Pepsi, Where is My Jet" Except unlike pepsi, this isn't 'a joke' and we are delivering these! I just saw @Ian Dickson about how people are levelling up and I wanted to share with you what I'm doing in two different communities. Now this might shock you but it is very much real. In we are giving away at level 9 a $12,000 4 Day Spirutal Tour in Bali. In at level 9 we are giving away $25,000 Bitcoin. This is very much real and below each of these we have other crazy rewards and it baffles me that not many people are rewarding there members. Now I understand this might be extreme, but I LOVE BEING EXTREME. I CAN'T wait until a member hits these high levels. I listed every other reward we have in these communties too so you guys can start leveraging for youselves. Happy flipping friday yall!
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Man, those rewards are incredible! I'm impressed by how much you're giving back to your communities. 🤝
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@Ryan Duncan way to go! 🤘
Starting from Zero
What did people who started with zero audience members from other platforms do to get their followers up ? Have a software business but not enough followers to even suggest Skool yet
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Hey man, maybe you can try engaging with your target audience through valuable content.
Got our second paid sign up🌞
After personally reaching out to physical circle members we got our second paid sign up!🦾💻
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You've got this, man! 👏
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@Raj Tanwar 🥳
New to Skool and online coaching.
Im here just seeing if this is the place to start my online course creation and get advice or feedback from the community of the concept. It's Swellbeing ! Surfing, oceanskills and Wellbeing. I run retreats and my own Surfschool and I am researching what I need to do to start. Ive been a surf coach for 20 years and I am the world record for holder for the worlds longest surf. I am a Breathwork and apnea training coach and I know I im the right person behind this but want to know if there is a market out there for my course and the cost involved to do it great. Skool is the first thing ive ever signed up for to help me move forward so any help is greatly appreciated.
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Yes, you can do your online course creation here on Skool and help more people with your skills. Btw, how's your audience on your social media? Have you decided what market you are going to target?
Increasing Community Engagement: Benchmarking Survey
I wanted to share with you my strategy for benchmarking communities through success, accountability, and accountability to increase engagement. Use this before everything. I've been a part of Skool for some time now, and I manage three paid communities. Twenty years of owning a business and consulting have inspired me to enhance the community experience, and I'm excited to share a new initiative I'm rolling out. I'm introducing a comprehensive benchmarking survey for new members. This survey will capture where members currently stand, their goals, obstacles they've faced, and their definitions of success. For applicable communities, we'll also include financial benchmarking. The purpose of this survey is twofold. First, it helps us understand the starting point of our new members, enabling us to connect them with peers who are either on a similar path or have navigated similar challenges. Secondly, it assists us in gauging the effectiveness of our advertising in attracting our target demographic. Additionally, this initiative is crucial for maintaining accountability within our communities. I want to avoid the common pitfall of underutilized memberships—akin to unused gym subscriptions. I want every member to be actively engaged and progressing towards their goals. Upon joining, our members will be prompted to complete the survey. Following this, we'll schedule a personal call to discuss their responses, ensuring they feel welcomed and supported from the outset. I believe this approach will not only enhance member satisfaction but also strengthen the overall community dynamic. Currently we will aim to circle back to this with members about 100 days after they join.
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Sounds like a great plan to keep everyone engaged and moving forward! Give us an update on how it turns out.
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