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19 contributions to GoHighLevel w/ Robb Bailey
♟️ From a pawn to a king 👑
Hey guys, it’s Ernest. I hope everyone is thriving in their agency endeavors. Excited to see all of you succeeding! 💪💪💪 Allow me to take you back to my days working as a waiter in a luxurious restaurant, a time when making my yearly salary in a day seemed like a distant dream. However, experience is experience. And I learned my lessons. Working as a waiter in a high-end restaurant allowed me to understand behavior of wealthy people and how to talk to them, how to present yourself in a right manner. With my agency, I perfected those skills to the point of talking to my clients as equals. It's amusing to reflect on the transition from earning $900 a month, working 10-14 hours shifts, to making 5 figures monthly. What’s the goal now? To grow even more! I share this not to show off but to inspire. Yes, I faced the same doubts and desires to quit. But I pressed on, did the work consistently, and found success. It's genuinely that simple, it all comes to basic principle 🌟
New comment Jan 31
0 likes • Jan 21
@Jamie Ogilvy
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@Gerald Eder
DM outreach - Accounts set up
Hey guys i was wondering when you crate multiple accounts to use for dm outreach, how do you set them up? always use the same profile photo? what about the followers, do you not care or do you buy them? Thanks in advance!
New comment Jan 29
2 likes • Jan 25
i would recommend you buying aged accounts and refreshing them with different pictures etc.
0 likes • Jan 19
@Mo Elrwy thanks man !
0 likes • Jan 19
@Michael Harmon
🔥 First client signed after changing my strategy (and mind)!!!🔥
Changed my mindset when it comes to closing. The thing is… wealthy people don’t have a lot of time. Sticking to 5 calls or even 2 calls strategy initially for me was doomed to failure. Once I changed my mind: “I’m closing them right now, on this call”, the closing rate sky rocketed🚀🚀🚀
New comment Jan 15
0 likes • Jan 14
@Virgil Vergara yeah you can call it that way.
0 likes • Jan 15
@Antonio Thornton thank you man
💫I made my yearly salary as a waiter in 1 day💫
I used to make 500-1000 EUR a month when I was working in a high-end restaurant in Germany. 10 to 14 hours a day. 6 days a week. I have worked two jobs before starting my SMMA journey, I was cleaning toilets at night and serving people at day, and now i’m sitting in Dubai on the balcony with a million dollar view 🌟 It took me 2 sales calls to reach the yearly amount of my salary which is a bit mind-blowing when I look back at my past. if you don’t stop you will be very surprised how fast your life can evolve and whats actually possible. We decide what happens to us. Keep pushing guys!💪
New comment Jan 5
2 likes • Jan 4
@Mo Elrwy Thank you !!!
1 like • Jan 5
@Travis Egan haha thank you Travis, I will ! 🦾
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