♟️ From a pawn to a king 👑
Hey guys, it’s Ernest. I hope everyone is thriving in their agency endeavors. Excited to see all of you succeeding! 💪💪💪
Allow me to take you back to my days working as a waiter in a luxurious restaurant, a time when making my yearly salary in a day seemed like a distant dream. However, experience is experience. And I learned my lessons. Working as a waiter in a high-end restaurant allowed me to understand behavior of wealthy people and how to talk to them, how to present yourself in a right manner. With my agency, I perfected those skills to the point of talking to my clients as equals.
It's amusing to reflect on the transition from earning $900 a month, working 10-14 hours shifts, to making 5 figures monthly. What’s the goal now? To grow even more!
I share this not to show off but to inspire. Yes, I faced the same doubts and desires to quit. But I pressed on, did the work consistently, and found success. It's genuinely that simple, it all comes to basic principle 🌟
Ernest Nowak
♟️ From a pawn to a king 👑
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