💫I made my yearly salary as a waiter in 1 day💫
I used to make 500-1000 EUR a month when I was working in a high-end restaurant in Germany. 10 to 14 hours a day. 6 days a week. I have worked two jobs before starting my SMMA journey, I was cleaning toilets at night and serving people at day, and now i’m sitting in Dubai on the balcony with a million dollar view 🌟
It took me 2 sales calls to reach the yearly amount of my salary which is a bit mind-blowing when I look back at my past.
if you don’t stop you will be very surprised how fast your life can evolve and whats actually possible. We decide what happens to us. Keep pushing guys!💪
Ernest Nowak
💫I made my yearly salary as a waiter in 1 day💫
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