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This Weekends Special Deal Is . . . . . Learn CapCut!
CapCut Mastery Harness the Power of the FREE CapCut System The Ultimate Strategy for Dominating Social Media CapCut Essentials Course: 20 Videos 1. CapCut Interface and Basics 2. Setup and Synchronization 3. AI and Automation 4. Advanced Features and Enhancements CapCut Mastery Course: 20 Videos (+20 videos) 1. Image Editing Techniques 2. Video Creation and Editing 3. Audio Management and Enhancement 4. Creative Enhancements 5. Advanced Features and Workflow Optimization £5 - CapCut Essentials Course £15 - CapCut Mastery Course + CapCut Essentials Course + 8 Bonuses + Special Lifetime Ads Bonus UPSELL: There is an upsell after purchasing the CapCut Mastery Course, but I was taken to a page which is promoting the same $15 CapCut Mastery Course along with a bonus, AI Profits Academy Platinum deal. I think this must be an older offer and a mix up, as when I clicked on the ACCESS PAGE button within my receipt, there was a link for a different upsell which is Eleven Labs Mastery. This looks like the proper upsell. $15 - Eleven Labs Mastery Module 1: Getting Started with ElevenLabs Module 2: Navigating the Interface Module 3: Voice Selection and Generation Module 4: Advanced Settings Module 5: Speech to Speech and Sound Effects Module 6: Voice Library and Cloning Module 7: Dubbing and Voice Over Module 8: Sound Effects and Video Editing Module 9: Script Management Module 10: Pictory and ElevenLabs Module 11: Project Management Deal ends Sunday 7th July 00.00 (EDT) - Monday 8th July 05.00 (GMT) Thanks
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CapCut is a great tool, so the CapCut Mastery Course is a must if you want to excel in making faceless videos. I need to arrange to pick this up before it expires. Many thanks to @Steven Cunningham for sharing.
Perplexity just announced new upgrades to its ‘Pro Search’ feature
Perplexity just announcednew upgrades to its ‘Pro Search’ feature, enhancing capabilities for complex queries, multi-step reasoning, integration of Wolfram Alpha for math improvement, and more. The details: - Pro Search can now tackle complex queries using multi-step reasoning, chaining together multiple searches to find more comprehensive answers. - A new integration with Wolfram Alpha allows for solving advanced mathematical problems, alongside upgraded code execution abilities. - Free users get 5 Pro Searches every four hours, while subscribers to the $20/month plan get 600 per day. - The upgrade comes amid recent controversy over Perplexity's data scraping and attribution practices. Why it matters: Given Google’s struggles with AI overviews, Perplexity’s upgrades will continue the push towards ‘answer engines’ that take the heavy lifting out of the user’s hand. But the recent accusations aren’t going away — and could cloud the whole AI-powered search sector until precedent is set.
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I love Perplexity and will keep an ear on these delelopments. Thanks @Thad Zylka for sharing
This AI Tool Is the Biggest Thing Since ChatGPT
This is amazing, and I have been involved with some very amazing things and some still to be released yet, but you have to see this, and it is free at this time.
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This AI Tool Is the Biggest Thing Since ChatGPT
3 likes • 10d is a going to be a great tool. Easy to login either with your gmail account or with discord. I tested with this Prompt: A website The websites for cat lovers to share pictures and video about cats. The sites still look like 3rd generation but I think that they shall improve with time. Thanks @Glen Merrick for sharing.
The perfect Adobe Photoshop replacement (Free + with generative AI)
I found this video and even though I have Photoshop, I am going to change to this. Also, one tip to be aware of: A tip to avoid blurry results in generative fill is to create small areas each time (max 500x500px) because it's trained on this canvas size.
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The perfect Adobe Photoshop replacement (Free + with generative AI)
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from the video and on their website, it looks like you can do a lot with Krita. They also have integrated AI which is great. I have installed it and will test the AI. Thanks @Glen Merrick for sharing.
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@Nancy Dadami Yah - to help you get more organised; but you still got to find time to get back and check what you put in the folders🙂. With all the information coming in daily, keeping up-to-date is getting a lot more difficult.
Sorting made simple for Pinterest lovers.
Unlock the Power of Pins: Unearth trends, insights, and lead the niche with data-driven creativity. Download, analyze, and out-pin the competition!
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The Advanced Data Analytics feature to effortlessly examine Pins and uncover lucrative niches that spark inspiration for your content is the most important feature, I think. The other features are: - View hidden data of each Pin. - Find and identify the best-performing viral Pin. - Find Pinterest Ad Library. - Filter effective advertising data on Pinterest. - Identify Boards allowed to join and pin effectively. - Pinterest Email Finder & Leads Finder. - Filter Collaborator Requests Boards. - Free download of high-quality Pinterest story, video, and image. For a lifetime offer of $59, licensed to up to 5 devices, I think this is a great deal.
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