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Timi Goto
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Bio: Keep aiming high and excited to learn and connect.
Kim Nelson
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Bio: Writer, gardener, entrepreneur, forever learner.
Natalie Ray
United States
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Bio: I’m Natalie Ray and I’m here to learn and grow so that I can make some money for myself. Excited to see a live training.
Polite Elikelier
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Bio: I'm a beginner WarriorPlus vendor/affiliate and I would like to advance my digital marketing career.
Rob Hoerntlein
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Bio: I am a 4th generation entrepreneur. I create companies and invest in many things, including real estate, stocks, options, crypto
Johna Nwamanna
Los Angeles
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Bio: New to Amazon Influencer but excited to learn & get going!
Glen Merrick
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Bio: An old fellow learning young fellows things online
Richard Campbell
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Bio: I am a Canadian living and working in South Korea. I teach English at a local university and I am working on an edtech blog!
Chris Green
Boston, MA • ENFP
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Bio: I help people write, publish, market, and launch their books through Amazon's print-on-demand self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
Marlene Roberson
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Bio: Marlene, in cahoots with my daughter Michelle. Serial entrepreneurs, course & digital product creators, affiliate marketers.
Thad Zylka
Colorado Springs
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Bio: Learn how to get a Free ecommerce site., reach at
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Emmanuel Ediau
Digital Content Creator and Social Media Coach

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Kampala, Uganda
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