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Join me for the ELITE WORLD SUMMIT
5 Days (64 speakers) to Dominate the Multi 7-Figure Club A Pathway to 7-Figures and Beyond for the Digital Age Entrepreneur. Click HERE 👇👇👇 🏆 Cultivating an Unstoppable Mindset for Unprecedented Growth 🏆 Mastering Offer Creation and Strategic Positioning 🏆 Securing Elite Clients in a Competitive Digital Landscape 🏆 Embracing Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies for Maximum Impact 🏆 Unlocking the Secrets of Business Expansion See you at the summit! Dominique
I am delighted to announce...
I am delighted to announce my new partnership with HighLevel. Having met the three remarkable founders Varun Vairavan, Shaun Clark and Robin Alex and interacted with their incredible team behind the scenes, it's an honor to collaborate with such amazing individuals. Stay tuned for numerous announcements to come!
Behind the Scenes at Webinarcon: Networking, Learning, and Winning (Part #1)!
Welcome to a special series of videos where I take you through my exhilarating three-day journey at the renowned Webinarcon. In this series, I share my firsthand experience of attending this prestigious event for the first time, having missed the previous three editions. Get ready for an insider's view of the fourth edition of Webinarcon, a gathering that brings together the elite and veterans of the webinar industry. In this eye-opening discussion, I delve into the impactful sessions, including a panel of the industry's top webinar creators – those who pioneered the medium and have successfully leveraged webinars to generate millions in revenue. I'll also reveal how I personally benefitted from the event, not just in terms of knowledge gained but also in tangible rewards (hint: I won a pretty awesome prize!). But that's not all. This series is packed with practical insights and tips on how to make the most out of such events. I'll talk about the art of networking, starting from pre-event preparations to maximizing interactions during the event, and why the first day is critical for making lasting connections. Learn how I navigated through various activities like speed networking and utilized tools like the event's app and directory to connect with as many attendees as possible. Moreover, I'll share the strategy behind effectively monetizing such events, a crucial aspect for anyone in the business. Hear about the inspiring success stories I encountered, including one attendee who generated a staggering $25 million from connections made at the last Webinarcon! Whether you're a seasoned webinar professional, a newbie to the scene, or just curious about the power of networking and industry events, this series is a treasure trove of insights. So, tune in, take notes, and let's explore the dynamic world of Webinarcon together – where opportunities for growth, partnerships, and learning are around every corner! Here's the link to join me at Webinarcon next year:
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How To Shift The Mindset Pricing For Any Business
In this podcast video, we will discuss the importance of shifting the mindset around pricing for any business. Pricing is a critical aspect of running a successful business, yet many entrepreneurs struggle with setting the right prices that reflect the value they provide. Whether you are just starting your business or looking to refine your pricing strategy, this video will provide valuable insights and actionable steps to help you shift your mindset around pricing and achieve greater success. If you want to take your business to the next level and increase your profitability through strategic pricing, make sure to watch this video and subscribe to our channel for more expert advice on business strategies and growth. Dominique shares why this quotes resonates with her: "You can sell absolutely everything at any price if you are selling the right thing to the right person." Dominique will debunk these 5 pricing myths: 1. People Won’t Pay a High Amount of Money to Work with You 2. People Don’t Have Money…Especially Now with the Recession 3. You Need to Have $1,000,000 in the Bank to be Rich 4. Because You’re Starting a New Venture, You Should Start from the Bottom and Climb the Ladder. 5. You Must Already Be Famous or Have Tons of Followers to Charge High Prices or Raise Your Prices
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YT Thumbnail colors responsible for 42 million views
Use these Thumbnail colours for more views Green Yellow Blue Orange Pink Purple We used these strategies to get more than 42 million views on our channel in 3 years. Never use White, Red and Black. It merges with YT UI and people skip that.
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I'll try it!
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