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Join me for the ELITE WORLD SUMMIT
5 Days (64 speakers) to Dominate the Multi 7-Figure Club A Pathway to 7-Figures and Beyond for the Digital Age Entrepreneur. Click HERE 👇👇👇 🏆 Cultivating an Unstoppable Mindset for Unprecedented Growth 🏆 Mastering Offer Creation and Strategic Positioning 🏆 Securing Elite Clients in a Competitive Digital Landscape 🏆 Embracing Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies for Maximum Impact 🏆 Unlocking the Secrets of Business Expansion See you at the summit! Dominique
I am delighted to announce...
I am delighted to announce my new partnership with HighLevel. Having met the three remarkable founders Varun Vairavan, Shaun Clark and Robin Alex and interacted with their incredible team behind the scenes, it's an honor to collaborate with such amazing individuals. Stay tuned for numerous announcements to come!
"it's the things that won't change that you want to build on and invest in" -- Jeff Bezos
Embracing Jeff Bezos' wisdom: "It's the things that won't change that you want to build on and invest in." In a world obsessed with the next big thing, my contrarian mindset kicks in. Instead of chasing unicorns, I'm pondering what WON'T change. What are the constants, the timeless elements that will endure? For me, it's all about Word of Mouth Marketing. Why? Because the way we communicate and share recommendations is a rock-solid foundation that's unlikely to shift. Whether it's 2023 or beyond, people will always value trusted advice from friends and family. So, while others are swept up in the whirlwind of innovation, I'm doubling down on the power of genuine connections and personal endorsements. What do you think won't change? Let's spark a conversation about the enduring constants in our rapidly evolving world!
Jul '23 
Hello everyone!
- My name is Lee Murray - Business Strategist for B2B Service based companies - I'm a native Floridian residing in DeLand, FL (just north of Central FL) - My biggest strength is the ability to get to heart of client's problem, unlocking a strategy to move them forward from what is holding them back from growth. - My biggest weakness is staying in my head and not taking action quicker. - My ideal buyer is a mid-level B2B CEO or Marketing Leader who needs help with some aspect of growing their B2B side. - Excited to meet everyone and learn new things from you all! Cheers!
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Challenge 7-fig in 7-months
I would like to challenge you. 7-figure in 7 months. Who’s in? Drop “7” in comment
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