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Tantric Massage Niche
How much of a grey area is it in terms of FB Advertisement?
New comment Aug '23
0 likes • Jul '23
@Jerome Bonneville I am thinking abot going on the ad with a 10$ "relaxation" massage to get client in the door and then let the ladies do the rest :)
GHL + WhatsApp
Hey everyone! For those using WhatsApp for their DRs, what GHL integration are you using?
New comment Oct '23
4 likes • Jul '23
@Karlene Hibbert You have ways to integrate WhatsApp with GHL if that's what you mean
SMS Opt-In Consent
From all the sign-up flows I looked at in Yoga Studios and Gyms in the us, very little have a marketing consent clause. But almost all of them collect phone numbers. When they have consent clauses, it is generally for email which is not tested well for DR. When this is the case, how are so many DR's done in these spaces? And since marketing consent is such a rarity, how do we give DR as a service in our marketing agency when it probably doesn't even apply to most of the clients we serve? In the EU regulations there is implied consent if they purchased from you, but I couldn't find it in US regulations. I assume that when you follow good practices such as opt-out language there won't be any legal trouble. My issue is how do I express to my client that what we are doing is safe when regulations say otherwise? @Haplin Milgrom-Hills any insights? is there succesful DR email campaigns that we can use as a back-up when the client doesn't have a consenting mobile number list?
New comment Aug '23
1 like • Jul '23
"In the EU regulations there is implied consent if they purchased from you" where did you find this information?
1 like • Jul '23
@Ezgi Aslan Thanks
DR campaign in different countries other than US + Canada
Hello everyone, I'd like to share a brainstorming post rather than ask a question. I'm currently working on a personal project to introduce the power and potential of DR campaigns to the Italian market. In Italy, Crossfit is almost as popular as it is in the US. The culture is strong, and people believe in Crossfit as a way to achieve their health goals. Fortunately, I happen to know several CrossFit gym owners. Italy boasts around 1300 Crossfit affiliate gyms, and being an Italian citizen who was born and raised in the beautiful and romantic city of Venice, I have a good understanding of my country and its people. We tend to be skeptical by nature. Now, why am I sharing this with you? Well, the challenge lies in successfully running DR campaigns. Gym owners aren't hesitant to embrace this "new strategy that is making noise in the US and working with a NYC-based agency." They are happy to try and invest in it. One major issue we face is getting past clients to respond to the offer texts we send out. Regardless of the size or age of gyms' database, it seems we're not gaining much traction. We've tried offering 1 month, 2 months, and even 3 months for free. We've experimented with text messages and voicemail drops (recorded by the owners), but the response hasn't been as expected. We are being ignored! :D (such a ego punch LMAO) Surprisingly, when we called a sample of people, they informed us that the text messages looked like scams. Can you believe it? We didn't even use "Ashley"; instead, we used the name of the gym owner, and still not a big response. We are not using LC, we are using Twilio because LC doesn't offer Italian cellphone numbers. If you came across something similar, what did you do to turn the situation around? Thank you! Daniela
New comment Aug '23
1 like • Jul '23
@Daniela Gattel What about when the client didn't have a waiver for communication opt-in? I have 2 clients atm and none of them had a marketing consent form offered to their customers. Is that a problem you think?
1 like • Jul '23
@Daniela Gattel I didn't knew Twilio had that option. I am thinking about using this for WhatsApp:
Hey guys! My name is Diogo, I am from Portugal and I am glad to be here! My background is in data science so I am naturally drawn to this Database Reactivation stuff, specially when you have clients that have a DB with enough data to allow hypersegmentation, just wild!
New comment Aug '23
2 likes • Jul '23
@Sam Whisenhunt same goes for you!
2 likes • Jul '23
@Neil Shah Thanks! It seems so
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