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About a month ago I challenged the members in our Monetize community to do something wild: I said, “Let’s create and launch a new community or product from scratch in just 3 WEEKS!” We called it the “Skool Sprint”. And we got to work! We gave our members all the tutorials, templates, and tools in Monetize to make it as easy as possible for them. They did all the hard work, used the tools available to them, inspired and supported each other, and made magic happen in just a few short weeks! 🎉 Please join us in celebrating our members who went from zero to launch in just 3 weeks, featured here in this post so you can be inspired and check out the products and communities they created during the Sprint. As you browse through their creations, you’ll see that some are free communities you can join, some are paid offers like courses or memberships. I encourage you to click around and see what you find that speaks to you. All of our members' products, communities, or courses you see here are hosted here on Skool - the community platform for creators. Skool is our sponsor and partner and has made the Skool Sprint possible - huge thank you to the Skool team and the platform they’ve built! (You can get a FREE Skool software account included when you join my premium Monetize program). 🔴 IMPORTANT: We do not endorse any of these products or businesses, we have not taken the courses or used the products in this list. Please do your research and understand we are not endorsing any individual, business, or product listed. These are not affiliate links. We are featuring our members as a thank you to them for taking action and getting their groups launched during our Sprint! Enjoy these creative products, courses and FREE communities offered by our members! Be inspired by what they’ve created. And we hope to see YOU in the next Skool Sprint! 💗 Thank you to our sponsor and partner, Skool! If you’d like to launch your own community, digital product, or subscription with our tools and templates, check out Monetize today
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✨So much fun! What an incredible line up!! 🌟 And Mariah didn’t leave anything out! It was the nudge I needed to co-create a spiritual-minded group for awakening entrepreneurs & conscious creators to get super clear on their purpose and ignite their mission. I look forward to meeting you all inside the ✨ Simply Empowered Interactive - our 30-day purpose Pop-Up!! begins Dec 1st. Join in on the fun!! 💕🌸💕
👋 Introduce yourself right here!
This is the introductions thread. Say hi, tell us what your business is all about! In your introduction, answer these 3 questions: ➡️ What is your name? (feel free to share pronouns if you’d like!) ➡️ What is your business or platform? Who do you serve, what do you sell, etc ➡️ If you were to host your dream party, and the sky was the limit, what would the theme be? We can’t wait to meet you!
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@Sophie Bidard Sophie!!! Yaaaay! It's Debra, from Psychacademy days with Lisa! So good to see your beautiful face!!! Let's connect for sure! xx
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@Sophie Bidard I’d love to connect further! Let me know how I can support you!! Feel free to personally message me.
What are your predictions for 2024? ⚡
I love predictions - I love to think about them myself and I LOVE to hear what other people think is coming in terms of trends, shifts, and where we're headed as a community and the creator space as a whole. So.... what are *your* predictions for the creator space, online biz, etc for 2024 and beyond? 🔮 Let's share in the comments!
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@Marisa Pell Yes! I believe this too!
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@Marisa Pell I love that you mention “simpler” I think this is so important too! 🥰 Yaaaayy I can’t wait to see more of your work. 💕
Looking for podcast guests 🎙️
I'm the host of the Blissful Biz podcast and I'm looking for new podcast guests! I’m right in the middle of pivoting my niche from yoga teachers to women entrepreneurs in midlife. You would either be an entrepreneur in your fifties (or around that) or working with entrepreneurs in midlife. Here you can learn more about me and the podcast (still with the old branding): Send me a DM if that resonates with you 🤗
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Hi Susanne, I'd love to connect! I'll send you a message. Thank you!
Integration of all-in-one platform
I'd love some ideas on how all of you with all-in-one platforms use Skool to complement your all-in-one without over-complicating your system. I use Kajabi. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 🫶
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@D'Ana Joi Hi thanks for your input! I use the community function on Kajabi for my paid mastermind & coaching clients as well. I’m trying to figure out what would make the most sense to separate out and perhaps it would be the freebie community.
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@Waqar Ahmed Cool! I'd love to hear more about your thoughts here. Currently I have a full eco-system but it's geared solely for my high-end mastermind from private podcast, courses, community, coaching & smaller 1-off products. So here on Skool, are you thinking freebie community, and smaller products they can purchase effortlessly and if they want to upgrade into the high-end stuff I link them over? I just need to keep it super simple. Thanks for your input!!!
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