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Anyone in MOA meet celebrities?
Has anyone in MOA met any celebrities and talked with them in real life? How would you go about talking to celebrities if you came across one or multiple of them? From what I’ve heard it’s better to be normal and kind of nonchalant when talking to them and don’t act like a fanboy with them, and don’t put them on a pedestal. What have your experiences been like meeting celebrities in real life? Especially A-list celebrities. Any advice?
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I went to an after party at Julian Edelman's house last week. I try and small talk with them and keep it extremely light. If I know ahead of time I'm going to see a particular person at an event I'll research them ahead of time. It's huge in terms of being able to find conversation topics that they're actually interested in that no one talks to them about which is a break in rapport.
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@Don Juan talking about the party, the night, he showed me his car so I asked him about that. I didn't talk about football.
Intermittent Fasting
Curious to see what is everyone’s schedule for intermittent fasting. Do you guys do the usual eat for 8 hours, and fast for 16? Or eat for 4 hours, and fast for 20?
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I like to eat in an 8 hour window and I've skipped breakfast for a couple years now.
How to find events in a new city?
I'm traveling to the south of France Aix-en-Provence and Marseille by the end of the month 26-30. I already have a hot list with about 1000-700 girls from that specific region, but I have no cool events to invite them to, nor do I have time to plan my own in 2 weeks only. (I've looked into the meetup, Eventbrite, IG, and Facebook events so far to know what's going on in the city) What is your process when traveling to a city you don't know without any MOA members?
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I like to search Google and Eventbrite for "red carpet events" or "galas." Those terms usually eliminate a lot of the clutter on there. If you're only there for 5 days it's going to be difficult to do anything except for online.
Organizing Top-of-the-Funnel Events
I was wondering if any of you organize other top-of-the-funnel events to meet girls, aside from the ones proposed by Michael. If so, could you share what types of events you have found successful?
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Theme parties are fantastic. General themes or themes around holidays or award shows crush for me.
How do stop hating women and myself?
When do I stop being angry hateful spiteful and resentful towards myself for being unable to get laid? When do I stop hating women for not giving me a chance or ever sleeping with me? When does the red pill rage end? It’s been 8 years, and it’s not stopped. Should I just continue to give up? I’m not improving anymore I’m hitting a wall, and I don’t have the motivation to go through the rejection, the BS, the tests, the games. Kitty they’ve already given out and I’m getting leftovers isn’t enough to make me put up with bad treatment
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I feel you, brother. It's certainly something that's been very difficult for me to overcome and I'm still learning a lot in my own journey and process. You have to be able to have gratitude for the small wins, otherwise it's going to be an impossible path. You can't look at it like a black and white thing (I get laid or I don't) because there's a ton of success and a ton of learning and progress in between that you're probably missing. I'd also recommend trying to make some female friends without ever wanting or thinking about sleeping with them. If you're genuinely curious about them as people you'll learn a lot and become more calibrated overall. Don't give up though. You're not alone, brother.
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