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What are you favorite tools for running survey forms?
Looking to expand my toolbox. What are your favorite tools for running survey forms? +bonus points+ a friend is looking for one that can run semantic differential questions
New comment Dec '23
2 likes • Nov '23
Hey @Marci Wolfish love the question! Some tools I've used in the past that I like to use are TypeForm, Microsoft Forms, Survey Monkey, and Qualtrics! All have their pros & cons, and some are free, paid, or great at the enterprise level! Hope this helps a lil 😆
0 likes • Nov '23
@Marci Wolfish Ehh not's pretty basic and simple to use which I like!
Books to build your marketing, advertising, and communication skills!
In case you missed the community call today, Jon dropped some GREAT books that can inspire us as we navigate our facilitation journey! Check them out here 👇 - Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson - Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman - Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath If you've read any of them, feel free to share your knowledge and insights with us!! Happy Reading 📚🥳
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2 likes • Nov '23
@Jean-Michel Moreau Ooo thanks for sharing!!!
3 likes • Nov '23
@Lisa Walker Creative Confidence is my ABSOLUTE FAV book 🤍 Thank you for sharing your books recs!!!
Facilitation Contract!
Hopefully, this will inspire others to keep working to gain clients. I sent a contract to a client for 3 sessions, starting next Tuesday, November 21! This is, now, my third contract with churches and I am looking to expand into other businesses and organizations. I am grateful for this community where I continue to learn about the art and practice of meeting facilitation, growing my business, and expanding my network. I am happy to share my meeting plan and schedule with anyone who may find it helpful. The three sessions will help the church to: 1. Clarify Mission, Vision, and Values 2. Understand Staff Roles and Responsibilities 3. Implement a "Sending" Culture
New comment Nov '23
3 likes • Nov '23
@Bret Koontz Wow!!!! Congrats to you. This is definitely great inspo for the community so please share all your tips and tricks!
1 like • Nov '23
@Bret Koontz YES!! Great advice you just shared. Thank you
One trait all unsuccessful consultants have (and how to fix it):
Hey Workshoppers, I usually don't cross-post anything from our Workshopper Inner Circle community but this video I made for the group today kinda exploded and created a lot of really interesting conversations. So I said fuck it, let's pop it in here too :) P.S. Applications are still closed right now for joining our Inner Circle community, if they open again any time soon we'll post about it here 👍🏻 **************************************************here's the post*********************************** Hey all! I spend a lot of time coaching or being coached. I spend a lot of time around hyper-successful entrepreneurs and consultants, but also people who are stuck (and stay like that forever). I have some thoughts about what keeps people stuck and what makes people successful. I decided to make a little video about something I think is going to hold a LOT of you back from achieving success. It's a bit of an experiment so lemme know if it's interesting! Cheers, Jonathan
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5 likes • Aug '23
This couldn't have come at the most PERFECT time. Thanks for reminding me of the purpose of all my actions 🤍. So cool to be apart of what you're doing!! AMAZING
2 likes • Nov '23
@Dan Roberts glad to have you with us Dan! I can definitely relate to you one the running fast and taking in as much as you can 🤣. The best part is that we’re in this together and we have AMAZING guides to help us through th way 🫶
Hola from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 🏖️😎
Hello, my name is Bolivar Bencosme, I am a native of Puerto Rico - the island known as the "Island of Enchantment" in the Caribbean, but you can call me Bolo (short and sweet). If you don't know where Puerto Rico is, but are fans of Ricky Martin, Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Bruno Mars, Menudo, Joaquin Phoenix, and many more, they were born in our beloved Island. Well, I love to inspire, generate ideas, and bring out people's creativity. For almost 20 years I was part of the company AT&T and its entertainment division DIRECTV, until they took me out due to personnel reduction in the pandemic - it was hard but I reinvented myself. 🙃 This event in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, awakened me to do what I could not do in that company, and begin to positively impact others. From that moment on, I started applying my knowledge about design thinking, marketing, branding, and facilitating strategic planning, brand development, team buildings, and completed the Design Sprint certification with A&J Smart. Despite the professional trajectory I have had, I do not consider myself an expert, I think that term has been very misused, therefore, I consider myself a continuous learner who is not satisfied with just being an expert. I hope this space will be a growth space for everyone.
New comment Nov '23
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@Bolivar Bencosme welcome to our community Bolo!! Daddy Yankee just took me way back 😆 It’s so good to have you join our community! My name is Coco, and I’m a student advisor here at AJ&Smart! Please feel free to reach out at anything if I can support you with anything!
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