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What worked and what DIDN'T work at AJ&Smart in 2023
Hey Workshoppers! Not sure how many of you here are interested in the "business running" side of the whole facilitation game, but I've been running AJ&Smart for the past 13 years and I occasionally talk about how it's going on my podcast "The Unscheduled CEO". Yeah, another fucking podcast.... It's an unedited, chaotic, messy shit-show of a podcast that I only do as a sort of personal journal (which is why I rarely share it in AJ&Smart's marketing). BUT it could be interesting for you if you're interested in the behind-the-scenes of running a business like AJS. One of the most recent episodes I talk about what went well and what we really fucked up in 2023, might be a good starting point: You can get the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts (Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, whatever) And please please please don't expect anything polished, this is really a passion project :) Cheers, Jonathan
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I have no problem with "unpolished" either! I just love knowing what's going on with the people I care about, and learning more with you @Jonathan Courtney as always happens!
Running a 300+ participant hybrid design sprint. Is it possible?
I am sharing my experience -from the trenches- of how we managed to run a hybrid design sprint with over 300 participants. You can thank @Andra Stefanescu for encouraging me to share it. I probably can't go as detailed as I would like to, but here it goes. I recently facilitated a hybrid design sprint with over 300 university students at an open social innovation event organized by the Peruvian Ministry of Production. The event aimed to tackle complex environmental issues. Think of it as a four-day hackathon. Previously screened participants were divided into groups of seven using an algorithm that analyzed their backgrounds to create more diverse sprint groups. Some of them were located at a University campus while others joined via Zoom. I also joined via Zoom from my country. To start, the organizers presented three major challenges that needed to be solved and that affected particular groups of people. Days before "Sprint Week", participants had the opportunity to listen to and interview people affected by the problems, as well as experts who were brought in to help them gather data and define more specifically the problem they would solve. I have to say that defining the problem is probably the most difficult part for participants and it is something we need to work around and improve it. But we've managed to make it work somehow 🤭 To assist the participants, we assigned a "design sprint mentor" to each of the three categories. These mentors were responsible for answering questions and providing guidance to the volunteers assigned to each group and the participants themselves. Both mentors and volunteers had prior knowledge of design thinking and received a design sprint onboarding before the event to clear up any questions regarding the process. We also had a team supporting on the technical side -HUUUGEEE kudos to them. During "Sprint Week" if any problems could not be resolved by the mentors, they were escalated to me as the design sprint master.
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Great job! The use of algorithms for group creation is a fantastic technological innovation for pre-Sprint Week planning. The option of both remote and in-person training is another significant achievement. Congratulations! 👏🏼 👏🏼 Excellent experience!
I'm recommending this book written by two great minds and thinkers who actually I think it is one of the most intelligent ideas about AI because it is written by Santiago Bilinkis, a Technologist who also did postgraduate studies at NASA's Singularity University and is an Economist, and Mariano Sigman a Ph.D. in Neurosciences. It's amazing what they did together. The book is only in Spanish at the moment, but I will leave here some YouTube links, where you can listen to them talking about the book, with English subs. You will be able to see both sides of AI at the same time, and wonder or be able to think about which are the limits and options! As Facilitators we have a great tool in AI but as always, we have to understand it and learn to use it in the best possible way taking into account its scope and our responsibility in the use we are going to make of it. I spoke to one of the authors to have his permission to comment here and he told me that there is not yet a publisher to translate it into English but it does exist in eBook and audiobook, and maybe there you have the chance to change languages.
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Hi @Rebecca Courtney ! nice to see you Here! Belive me, this book is great! It made me think about creating a workshop where I would like to facilitate groups of teenagers using AI options as tools to solve the main challenge proposed for the exercise. Using all the facilitation methods and exercises of game storming to reach the goals. So, they will feel confortable using what they love to (AI) and also practice team building and working together alone and all the methods they find. What do you think guys? Could it be a good challenge?
Q&A calls paused for a now
Hey Workshoppers! Happy new year!! After a good, long holiday break, the AJ&Smart team and I have decided to pause doing the weekly Q&A calls in this community. Though we LOOOOVE doing them and they've been super fun, we're just too small of a team to keep up the call schedule here and the more intense call schedule in our Workshopper Master community. Over the last few months we've slowly increased the amount of calls we do in that community (practice sessions, marketing sessions etc) and we've simply run out of people in AJ&Smart who are not already in coaching sessions or doing client work! We're going to now rethink how we can still bring some free "live" value to the FC community while also making sure we don't stretch ourselves too thin. We'll still be contributing and moderating this community though, so looking forward to continuing our chats here. Cheers, Jonathan
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Hi Guys! If you need a break, I'm sure all of us will stay here sharing experiences and wishing the best for @Aj Smart team. The truth is you gave us a lot and also created this amazing community. As @Amanda Witman commented we have the best content here to continue reading listening and learning. Best wishes and I'm sure we will have the pleasure to have some lives again. I will miss you because I also loooooove, the Q&A calls as @Jonathan Courtney said! See you soon!
I wish all of you an amazing 2024!!🎉🎉
Hi guys!! This is to every member of the team and followers of the Facilitators Club. My best wishes for 2024! Hope all your projects come true, and our fellowship in this community continues growing! and of course, I wish the best for all the families that are behind every face we see on the screen during the meetings here! Take care, be safe, keep calm and healthy! I'm sure, we would always be able to imagine another way to make changes. 🎉🎉🌍🌎🌏🎉🎉
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