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SALE ENDED: 80% off our Facilitation Program (+ 2 Free Gifts!) 🎁
Hey Workshoppers! It's Black Friday, and until midnight tonight, we're offering 80% off the most fun Facilitation and Workshop Design course on the planet! Here's a direct link to the deal if you just wanna jump right to it! We're also throwing in 2 amazing Free Gifts that you can only get in this sale! Here's what you get in today's Black Friday deal: _________ ⭐️Facilitation Fundamentals Program⭐️ 🏷️ Everyday price €2997, discounted to €597! 80% off! It includes: 🎥 Our 4.5-hour, action-packed Facilitation Fundamentals video course 📒 Our 165-page Facilitation Workbook as the perfect companion to the course 🔖 Certification of completion signed by me It also comes with 2 Free Gifts: 🎁 The Ultimate Workshop Exercise Encyclopedia: The ultimate compendium of workshop exercises. A "secret weapon" for Facilitators, and an invaluable resource for everyone who wants to design their own workshops! (165 pages!) 🎁 Building a Workshop from Scratch, a 4-part video series: Watch Jonathan and Dee as they design a Product Feature Workshop from scratch, in real-time. This is a lesson from our high-level Workshopper Master Program – and your only chance to get it for free! ________________________________ Here's that link again to the deal ---------------------------------------------------- So if you were ever curious/interested in learning Facilitation and Workshop Design directly from AJ&Smart, today's the best deal you're going to see for a VERY long time. It's been amazing to see so many of you jumping in on this already and I wish you all a great weekend! Cheers, Jonathan P.S. For those of you who already purchased in this sale before we added in the free gifts, just reach out to and we'll send them right to you :D
Laura Faint
Jonathan Courtney
Cat Licavoli
Carla Costa
Jeneba Wint
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It's well worth it to level up your skills people
Career Tip: People can tell you're using Chat GPT ❌
Hey Workshoppers! Just thought this might be a useful tip/warning for those of you using Chat GPT a lot: It's pretty easy to tell when someone's using it! I see a few posts here in the community which I'm 100% sure were "generated" and they not only lack any sort of personality, but they also get no engagement. As in, nobody replies to them, they just take up space. The same thing will happen if you email people/clients, create posts on Linkedin etc. They won't respond. Believe me, I get 50 messages a day on Linkedin trying to sell me stuff/get a job and I can always tell when they are Chat GTP generated. You're writing needs to have some personality and authenticity for people to care enough to interact with it. Sure, I get it, if you're non-native English speaking, it's super helpful to be able to use something like this... but to be honest, I think it's better to just write how you write and then use Google Translate. So yeah, just a note to those using it as a "silver bullet". It's very obvious, it's not enjoyable to read and it can make you come across as being very dull. Cheers, Jonathan
Danny Mallinder
Julia Carolina
LaYinka Sanni
Marlyne Pierce
Hassanein Ismail
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This is sad/funny all at once. Why would people spend their time doing that vs. just sharing their own thoughts, feelings, and ideas? 🤖 💡❌
[Video] How to run a Team Retrospective
Hey Workshopper’s! We just published a 2 hour session showing you exactly how to use the Sailboat exercise to run a team retrospective. It’s exhaustively detailed and do please let us know if you want more like this in the comments. We’re always trying new things! Cheers, Jonathan
Reimo Rehkli
Jonathan Courtney
Kristi Shumway
Claus Höfele
Chris Bradshaw
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Hackathon session for when you just feel a Design Sprint isn’t the way ahead for a client
We (AJ&Smart) Went to the World's Craziest Sales Training! [VIDEO]
Hey hey! Want to see behind the scenes of a masssssive sales and marketing training in Florida? The whole AJ&Smart marketing and sales team went 2 weeks ago and it was mindblowing. The conference/training itself is called "Funnel Hacking Live" We all got VERY sick afterward but it was an amazing experience. This is a pretty experimental vlog type... quite long, kinda like a home movie, we honestly don't know if people will like the style, but I hope it's useful or fun to some of you! Cheers, J
Sabine Braubach
Jonathan Courtney
Julia Carolina
Shari Bare
Bart Van Brabant
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Event looked strong, team vibes looked stronger….
⚡Calling all London Workshoppers - Get together London *27th September*🎉
Hello everyone, I met with @Katrina Dargel last week and we discussed meeting fellow workshoppers in London. Excited to meet anyone who is in the London area for a drink on: Date: 27th September Time: 630pm Location: The Lighterman, 3 Granary Square, London N1C 4BH Let's meet, have some drinks and chat about taking over the world with workshopping! Looking forward to connecting face-to-face. All workshopper friends welcome.
Victor Haze
Tim Daines
Chris Bradshaw
Katrina Dargel
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